Thor: Son of AsgardMedia Release -- Disney Mobile, in partnership with Marvel Entertainment, LLC, launched today on the App Store, Thor™: Son of Asgard, a new 3D action mobile game based on the epic Marvel comic book hero Thor. In this original story penned by Marvel writers, Thor discovers that his father’s Kingdom, Asgard, is under siege and must wield his mighty hammer to defeat hordes of enemies and restore peace. Thor: Son of Asgard sells for $4.99 and is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

“Thor is one of the most iconic comic book characters. Rooted in mythology, he is both powerful and heroic, and a great warrior, so we wanted players to step into his world and experience everything that is Thor - from the power, to the battles, to the internal conflict,” said Bart Decrem, GM of Disney Mobile. “To remain authentic to the character and offer something unique to fans, we enlisted a Marvel comic book writer and worked closely with Marvel through every step of the development process. The result is a fun and gorgeous app that will appeal to Thor fans and gamers alike.”

In Thor: Son of Asgard, players assume the role of Thor and embark on an epic journey to defend Odin’s Kingdom through visually stunning environments such as Jotuheim, Alfeim, and Asgard, all developed to maximize the Retina Display on the iPhone 4, iPod touch, and iPad. Throughout the journey, players join forces with classic characters from the comic book such as The Warriors Three, Sif, and Loki; while channeling the energy of lightning to unleash devastation upon enemies such as Dark Elves, Trolls, Frost Giants, and The Midgard Serpent.

The launch of Thor: Son of Asgard on the App Store coincides with Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios’ feature film “Thor”, directed by Kenneth Branagh, produced by Kevin Feige, from a screenplay by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz and Don Payne and a story by J. Michael Straczynski and Mark Protosevich. This fantasy epic stars Australian actor Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, a young woman who befriends Thor on Earth, Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s evil brother Loki, with Rene Russo as Frigga, the wife of Odin, mother to Thor and Loki, and Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Thor's father and king of Asgard.

Thor: Son of Asgard is now available for download at the App Store at

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