It may be time to hear the roar, again, because the ThunderCats are loose! While on the promotional tour for Godzilla x Kong, Adam Wingard recently reaffirmed that he is indeed working on a script for a live-action ThunderCats film: "We're actively working on a draft right now, and it's cruising forward. It's super awesome. I’m really excited about it."

Is now the time to invest in a copy of ThunderCats #1?

A CGC 9.6 copy of Thundercats #1 reached an all-time high of $750 in April 2021.

Exactly three years ago, Warner Bros. announced that Adam Wingard would helm a live action film adaption of ThunderCats. That announcement also happened to coincide with the "comic boom" of 2020-21 which caused a huge spike in the value of ThunderCats #1. Taking a closer look at the most common grade on the CGC Census, just after that announcement, a 9.6 sold for an all-time high of $750 back in April of 2021.

Unbelievably, just one year prior to that, in March of 2020, you could've purchased a 9.6 for less than $100.

By November 2022, ThunderCats #1 had lost two thirds of its value.

And then three years then passed without a peep from Warner Bros. or Wingard about the film. The comic market bubble also popped during this period of time resulting in Thundercats #1 losing most of its gains. By November of 2022, a 9.6 had lost more than two thirds of its value falling below $200. While this is still a lot more than what it was worth in 2019, if you purchased this book at the time of the Warner Bros. announcement in 2021, you're likely feeling some pain.

Is now a good time to buy?

Considering that ThunderCats #1 is still hovering near its two-year low of around $200, it might be worth considering if now is a good time to purchase this issue as an investment. Since the news broke about Wingard working on a script, we've seen the value of ThunderCats #1 trending upwards. On March 12th, one 9.6 sold for $230, and then on March 18th, another sold for $250.

Currently, GoCollect has the FMV of a 9.6 at $220. At the same time, although its value has been trending upwards since Wingard's announcement, there hasn't been a dramatic increase in the volume of sales for this issue. That may change, however, if we see a trailer of the film; it's likely only hardcore ThunderCats fans who heard about the update from Wingard.

Personally, if you can purchase a 9.6 around or less than $200, it's not a bad bet. That price point is around its two-year low, and has persisted at that level for nearly 18 months now. It looks like that price point is at or around the floor. If Wingard manages to produce a great film (and he seems to have a deep appreciation for the source material), I could see the value of this book climb once again (although I doubt it will ever reach its all-time high again though).

Do you think it's a good time to invest in a copy of ThunderCats #1? Please let us know what your opinion is in the comments section below!