Spawn #205Media Release -- It was a big week for Todd McFarlane Productions, with the release of three titles on Wednesday, March 23rd. We've had a good start to our 2011 schedule, and plan on delivering more exciting issues and books to come throughout the year.

It's no secret we had a less than stellar track record hitting release dates with our flagship title Spawn in 2010. Determined to redeem himself, Todd McFarlane made a bold statement in January 2011—"I promise to deliver Spawn twice a month to the fans for the next three months." This shocked retailers and fans around the world.

Well, we're nearing the end of March and McFarlane certainly lived up to his promise. To date, TMP has delivered six new issues of Spawn in 2011, meeting all the expectations McFarlane set. Already up two issues from our previous year, I'd say we're on a pretty good track!

Spawn #205 debuted Wednesday, March 23rd, and continued the saga of new Spawn, Jim Downing. Jim seems open to accepting what he's become, but still searches for answers to his past, and why he's garnered these new powers. His unexplainable act of heroism toward a severely injured photographer goes viral worldwide, and Jim goes into hiding. Meanwhile, Clown and new vampire villain, Bludd, concoct the next move in their strategy. The rogue characters' allies, the Old Guard, reveal to Spawn why they're a feared entity. You don't want to miss the battle brewing in the alleys of New York! Pick up your copy of #205 today, and look for the next installment, Spawn #206, on April 13th.

Releasing alongside Spawn #205 was Haunt #14, another one of our top-selling titles. Brought to you by the creative minds of McFarlane and NY Times best selling author, Robert Kirkman, Haunt follows the story of ex-priest Daniel Kilgore and his deceased brother's ghost, Kurt as they try to understand why they fuse together to create the superhero, Haunt. In this month's issue, we pick up with Daniel on a covert mission without Kurt, and without access to the costume's unique abilities that help protect and defend him. What happens when Daniel has to rely ONLY on his training with the agency? Find out in Haunt #14, on shelves now!

Finally, the newest edition in our Spawn: Origins line of books graced retailer shelves last Wednesday. Collected in soft cover format, Spawn: Origins Vol. 10 features stories from classic Spawn issues 57-60. With cover galleries and behind-the-scenes art by Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo, and newly re-imagined cover artwork by renowned artist Clayton Crain (Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation), this trade paperback is not to be missed.

If you haven't picked up your copies of Spawn #205, Haunt #14 or Spawn: Origins Vol. 10 TP, what are you waiting for? Get out to your local retailer. To find a comic shop near you, simply call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK or check online at