Totally Mad 60 Years Of Humor Satire & Stupidity HCMedia Release -- To celebrate MAD MAGAZINE's 60th anniversary, Time Home Entertainment Inc. foolishly teamed up with MAD MAGAZINE on TOTALLY MAD: 60 YEARS OF HUMOR, SATIRE, STUPIDITY AND STUPIDITY, a new collection of the legendary humor magazine's high-quality idiocy.

This afternoon, THE NEW YORK TIMES posted their weekly Best Seller lists and for some unexplainable reason, TOTALLY MAD debuted at #1 on their Hardcover Graphic Book list.

Speaking from MAD offices in New York, MAD Editor John Ficarra said, "If I knew the book was going to be this successful, I would have put a lot more effort into it. Oh well, too late now."

Organized by decade, this oversized 256-page book features some of the world's best comedy writers, cartoonists and humorous illustrators – "The Usual Gang of Idiots" – as they have long called themselves. In addition, the book includes numbered pages for maximum reader convenience.

TOTALLY MAD features a special foreword by long-time MAD fans Stephen Colbert and Eric Drysdale, plus five exclusive essays about MAD's cultural impact, the origin of Alfred E. Neuman and the magazine's history, including its landmark Supreme Court win against Irving Berlin, establishing the right to publish satirical lyrics.

As a bonus, the book features a removable set of 12 classic front covers, dubbed "The Soul of MAD" by MAD Founder and Publisher William M. Gaines. Each print was selected for its uniqueness, artistic achievement and classic timelessness, and is suitable for framing or wrapping fish. Click here to purchase TOTALLY MAD. No exceptions will be tolerated!

And check out THE NEW YORK TIMES' full Hardcover Graphic Book Best Seller List, which also includes GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS, VOL. 1, and the Paperback Graphic Book Best Seller List, which features NIGHTWING, VOL. 1: TRAPS AND TRAPEZES. Congratulations to all!