The X-keys continued their eBay hot streak, but Taylor Swift's very own comic was on the move.

Another week, another round of X-Men comics marking their territory across eBay. When you've got the hottest show on streaming and a much-hyped movie on the way, market dominance is to be expected. While the X-Men occupied the majority of the Hottest Comics rankings, buyers were still keeping any eye on some other keys that could climb the ladder in due time. On that note, let's take a look at what was trending on eBay for the past 10 days.

54. X-MEN #12 (+16)

The Juggernaut made his way onto the Hottest Comics this week, and his first appearance could be getting more expensive in the coming months. We've seen a few glimpses of him in X-Men '97, making that show's second season a distinct possibility for his small screen return. However, the real money will come if he is featured in Deadpool & Wolverine. Juggernaut was one of the highlights of Deadpool 2, and fans loved Ryan Reynolds' CGI portrayal in that movie. Given the number of returning characters both confirmed and rumored for D&W, it's likely that Juggernaut will at least get a cameo if not more.


What have we here? Wolverine #50 with its gimmick cover has been climbing the sales charts since last week. The reason for the ascent could be a combination of X-Men '97 and Deadpool & Wolverine. This issue featured the debut of Shiva, a robot designed to hunt down mutants from the Weapon X program, something that could lead to plot developments in either X-Men '97 or Deadpool & Wolverine. Wherever it appears, Shiva's arrival on the big or small screen would cause ripples in the secondary market, and that could be exactly why Wolverine #50 is suddenly popular.


Not everything in today's blog is X-Men related as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were represented in the Hottest Comics as well. For the past 10 days, the third issue of the original Mirage series has been gaining traction since Mutant Mayhem left a crater in the box office. After teasing Krang's full arrival in the sequel, collectors and investors were on the hunt for the Utrom's first appearance in TMNT #3. Once the aliens are revealed in the next TMNT movie, this issue will take off.

79. X-MEN '97 #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

X-Men: The Animated Series #1 has a new rival in the secondary market. While the first appearance of the animated X-Men is still the more expensive key, X-Men '97 #1 has more momentum at the moment. With the Disney Plus show's massive popularity, it's no wonder buyers are grabbing up the first issue of this prequel to the cartoon. It perfectly follows the trend of collectors heavily investing in X-Men titles, hence the brand's market dominance at the moment.


Can any of us say we're surprised by this? Whether you're a Super Swiftie or a Taylor Hater, there's no denying her immense star power and marketability. It was only a matter of time before she graced a comic, and it is no shock to see it ranking among eBay's best sellers. Published by TidalWave Comics, this is a biographical look at Swift as told through sequential panel art. Rockstars have long been found in the comics world, so Female Force is nothing new in that respect. However, it could be the first comic for many of her fans, and that will help it move up the sales charts.