Silver Surfer #1 set the pace on the Hottest Comics while the independent comic scene was well represented further down the ranks.

It's time again to spotlight some of the more interesting additions to eBay's top sellers rankings. Using the auction sites' sales data, the Hottest Comics breaks down the comics that have been popular with buyers. While the movers and shakers get all the headlines, there are some interesting choices making noise.

9. SILVER SURFER #1 (+39)

A week after the big news, and Silver Surfer #1 is trending stronger than ever. The Silver Age classic blistered the field, climbing by almost 40 spots to crack the top-10 Hottest Comics. Of course, the reason for the eBay mad dash is Marvel's upcoming The Fantastic Four, where we will see Shalla-Bal as the MCU's Silver Surfer. With this being the Surfer's first self-titled comic, it had long been a staple of many collections. Factor in Shalla-Bal's surge into the mainstream spotlight, and her first appearance in Silver Surfer #1 is red hot for good reason.

15. GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1 (+18)

Maybe GSX #1 didn't pick up as many spots as Silver Surfer #1, but the X-Men are dominating the eBay best sellers' list at the moment. And it's mainly thanks to X-Men '97. Sure, Deadpool & Wolverine is part of the equation, but the new cartoon has won over even the most ardent of X-Men: The Animated Series fans. The latest episode ended on a dramatic, jaw-dropping moment that has viewers dying for the next chapter. With all the enthusiasm comes waves of interests in those X-Men keys, and GSX #1 is one of the biggest.


Rob Liefeld is back in the headlines. Instead of it being more Deadpool or X-Force talk, this time around his independent project, Avengelyne, has been optioned for a movie. The word on the internet is that Olivia Wilde is ready to direct the adaptation from LuckyChap Entertainment.

So what is Avengelyne? Published in 1995 by Maximum Press, the story revolves around a fierce archangel whom God cast from Heaven. She then fights demons on Earth, preparing for Armageddon.


Thanks to the series revival, MTV's polarizing cartoon duo is back in the pop culture limelight. This week, their first comic book squeezed into the top-100 comics, which happens from time to time. How long it will stay in the Hottest Comics is anyone's guess, but it's a fun addition to things all the same.


Bringing up the caboose is something brand new to the Hottest Comics: Red Room #1. Created by Ed Piskor, the indy horror series centers on murders being broadcast for a live audience via the dark web. As it turns out, the audience is primarily made of fellow killers who want to showcase their devious ways. Could Red Room be getting an adaptation? Nothing has been said as far as I am aware, but buyers could be stockpiling in case something is in the works.