Trending Comics: Spotting the KeysGorr the God Butcher, Ms. Marvel, and the Spot were trending across social media, and it caused their keys to climb the Hottest Comics ladder this week. Let's dive in to this week's Trending Comics. At your fingertips is one of the best comic collecting barometers available. Head over to the Market Overview tab, and you will find the full list of the 100 best-selling comics on eBay. While it’s easy to glance at the top 10 and move on, it pays to dig deeper into the list. Toward the bottom, you will find some gems that are well worth your time to investigate.

7. THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #2 (+20)

Trending Comics: Spotting the Keys

The early word on Thor: Love and Thunder is that Christian Bale’s Gorr will be an instant fan favorite. In fact, the scuttlebutt is that he could dethrone Thanos as the MCU’s greatest villain. That may be a tall order, but it is fueling more speculation about the God Butcher’s early appearances.

As always, the list begins with his first appearance in God of Thunder #2, which also happens to be the first time we see Knull’s mythical blade, the Necrosword. Those two factors are driving this issue to the top of the Hottest Comics.


Trending Comics: Spotting the Keys

Reportedly, Kamala Khan’s streaming debut isn’t hitting the lofty viewing numbers of her Disney+ predecessors. Of course, Ms. Marvel’s first episode still netted 775,000 views in its first five days, so it’s not like no one is watching.

Once the initial season wraps, she is confirmed to appear in the Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels. Past that, the speculation is that she will join the Young Avengers. Put it all together, and Marvel has big plans for Kamala, and that is exactly why her keys are flourishing.


Marvel would like its audience to believe that Echo murdered Kingpin at the conclusion of Hawkeye, but we know better. The filmmakers used an old trick that we’ve seen a few times. Before Maya pulled the trigger, the camera panned away, and viewers were left to assume Wilson Fisk was dead. The fact that we don’t see the act or his corpse suggests that he isn’t gone just yet.

This week, Kingpin actor Vincent D’Onofrio posted a workout selfie that lends to speculation he’s training to return to the screen. That is prompting collectors to once again head to eBay for Fisk’s debut in ASM #50.


One of the most underrated villains in all of Marvel Comics is getting his chance at stardom. Recently, it was revealed that the Spot will be a main antagonist in Across the Spider-Verse: Part One. As with all new characters, collectors are on the hunt for what had been an overlooked issue, Spectacular Spider-Man #98. That just so happens to be Spot’s first appearance, and it is finally getting its 15 minutes of fame.


Speaking of new characters hitting the big time, the Blue Beetle set photos have sparked a wave of interest for Infinite Crisis #5. This issue marked the first time readers saw Jaime Reyes fuse with the magic scarab to become the third Blue Beetle. The comics-accurate suit is delighting his fans, and the movie could make Jaime a major DCEU star. It’s adding up to inflated prices for IC #5, specifically the Jim Lee variant with Jaime in full Beetle costume on the cover.

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