It was a solid week for some 1980s keys as the Decade of Decadence was in the Hottest Comics spotlight.

In the Hottest Comics, no one can hear you scream.

Movie news keeps the secondary market churning, and there's plenty of upcoming projects to keep the eBay fires burning. This week, Godzilla, the Teen Titans, and Aliens all earned sales boosts thanks to trailers and film announcements. Of course, the excitement put many buyers on the trails of those all-important key issues.

50 GODZILLA #1 (+15)

Between Godzilla: Minus One's huge box office success and recent Oscar win and the hype for Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire, it's a good time to be a kaiju. With that mainstream attention comes a boost in comic sales. While Marvel's Godzilla #1 is not his first comic book appearance, it is among his most famous and beloved. That is enough to have buyers rushing to add the issue to their eBay carts.


Now that a Teen Titans movie is in development, those related keys are quickly heating up. Although the team first appeared in the Silver Age, they truly rose to stardom in the 1980s. With that lineup being the most popular among Titans fans, it's no wonder their '80s keys are gaining the most traction. While this is not the first Teen Titans series, it is the first self-titled series with the new team, making New Teen Titans #1 a nice addition to your long boxes without a hefty investment.


When Disney/Marvel Studios initially announced X-Men '97 and revealed the character designs, UXM #200 was one of the first X-keys to get a sales bump. As viewers saw in the show's premiere, Magneto is sporting his '80s look (although the giant M on his chest is a bit on the nose). Not only that, but the second episode followed "The Trial of Magneto" story arch from this issue. It's no wonder buyers took to eBay to grab a copy.


Those Silver Surfer keys have been hot for years, but the latest rumors of Norrin Radd being cast for The Fantastic Four is putting a renewed speculative interest on his biggest moments. Whether or not the Surfer arrives in the FF movie, it's clear that he's on his way to the MCU in some fashion. When that happens, he will inevitably meet some Avengers, which makes SS #4 such a tantalizing prospect. After all, Thor and Surfer are both cosmic entities, so it's only natural they would have an encounter.


The first trailer for Alien: Romulus has dropped, and it immediately sent ripples across eBay. Speculators hustled to the auction site for the franchise's first comic: 1988's Aliens #1. Don't forget that this issue had a whopping five print runs, and they are near identical. Most collectors want that first print, and the only way to be 100% sure that's what you're getting is by checking the indicia on the inside cover.