WandaVision’s vast influence over the comic market was evident this week, but then again so was burger mascot Big Boy’s. Welcome to the latest Trending comics and Oddities.

No surprise, this week was dominated by the MCU. After a year without superheroes, Marvel Studios returned with a powerhouse in WandaVision. Each week, the series leaves collectors guessing at which key issues will feel the burn from the hottest show in the world. The show is dissected to the smallest detail, hoping for a hint of what’s to come to get ahead of the curve.

Of course, it wasn’t all about WandaVision as we see in this round’s trending comics.

Trending Comics Thor 13457. THOR #134 (+943)

It sounds like a stretch if you ask me, but there are Marvel theorists out there who claim WandaVision is full of hints and allusions to the High Evolutionary. I have no doubt that he will be part of the MCU in some capacity, but I don’t necessarily buy the rhetoric that WandaVision is hiding Easter eggs for his impending arrival. Still, there is some thought to the Disney+ show laying the groundwork for High Evolutionary to someday make his live-action debut. Don't count out Thor #134.

Trending Comics: Rom Spaceknight66. ROM: SPACE KNIGHT #1 (+3)

Will we ever get that ROM: Space Knight movie? Hasbro has been teasing us for two years, but all indications are that nothing ROM-related is in the works. Still, it does not deter collectors from keeping these on their wish lists. Rom: Space Knight #1 tends to yo-yo in and out of the top 100, and that will continue until there is an official announcement that ROM is finally coming to live-action.


Anything tied to WandaVision is hot right now. This issue has emerged in the top-100 Hottest Comics because it features a couple of key appearances with bigger implications. In The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12, Wanda Maximoff gave birth to the twins, Billy and Tommy, who would grow up to become Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed. There are many clues that the Young Avengers are getting their own origin tale similar to the adult Avengers. Will Wiccan and Speed play a factor? As of the time of this writing, the WandaVision finale had not yet aired, so therewas much still in the air.

93. MARVEL FEATURE #1 (-3)

Marvel Feature #1, the first appearance of the Defenders has been sticking in the top 100 for a couple weeks now. Don’t confuse this team with the Netflix series. These Defenders were the real deal: Doctor Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Namor. That is a star-studded lineup with serious muscle. Personally, I think those four could handle any other team in comics. Marvel recently announced a Defenders revival with the original team, and that is the likely reason their collective debut has warmed up.


381. ADVENTURES OF BIG BOY #1 (+618)

I had no idea who Big Boy was before Austin Powers. I'd been a Simpsons fan for decades, but I didn’t know that “Lard Lad” was a Big Boy parody. I find myself learning more about the face of Golden Age burgers every year because now I have learned that he was even a comic book character back in 1956. Thus, I present this week’s Oddball Award to the Adventures of Big Boy #1. I guess between scarfing down greasy burgers, Big Boy is having some sort of hilarious hijinks. 

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