The Last Ronin continued to assert its dominance over the Hottest Comics, but a 1990s X-Men villain has entered the fray in this week's Trending Comics.

What are the Trending Comics? This is the deeper dive into the Hottest Comics. Pulled straight from the top-100 comics on eBay, these are five issues curated for your reading pleasure. While it's easy to focus on the more eye-popping numbers, here you have a handful of comics that may have gone unnoticed by the casual GoCollect user. Luckily for you, we've got your back.

2. THE LAST RONIN #1 (+15)

There's never been so much excitement for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that's a big statement. Since they first appeared in the 1980s, fans have been in love with the Turtles. Here we are almost 40 years later, and they just might be more popular than ever. Mutant Mayhem was a big hit, and there's already a sequel in the works. Then there's the blockbuster news that Last Ronin will get the R-rated live-action treatment, which was a fairly surprising development. The Turtles have always been family/kid friendly, so it will be interesting to see how mainstream audiences react to a mature TMNT movie.

10. NEW MUTANT #87 (+9)

Whether or not Cable will appear in Deadpool & Wolverine is questionable at best, but he's got a mainstream presence all the same. X-Men '97 has introduced the time-traveling mutant, and that has sent collectors on a spending spree for his first appearance. It's climbed all the way into the top-10 best-selling comics over the past 10 days, and it could go higher depending on how the cartoon series utilizes Cable.


No matter what is happening with DC's live-action slate, you will always find those Batman keys. While this may not be the biggest or most expensive Bat-key on the market, it is one of the most important. It was in TDKR where Frank Miller shed the Silver and Bronze Age silliness from Batman's cowl. Along with Watchmen, TDKR is one of the most influential comics of the 1980s, so there's good reason for it to rank high on the Hottest Comics.


There's word on the internet that the creative team behind the massively successful Into the Spider-Verse films made a huge pitch to Warner Brothers. As the story goes, they suggested making a Batman Beyond film for DC, but the old regime turned down the offer. However, that was before James Gunn and Peter Safran took charge of DC Studios. Fans everywhere have since been crossing their fingers and hoping that Gunn will see the potential and finally bring Batman Beyond to the silver screen.


Of all the '90s X-Men stories, Onslaught might be its most famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective). In what would lead to a massive crossover that eventually kicked off Heroes Reborn, Charles Xavier mind wiped Magneto. A piece of Magneto's psyche embedded itself in Professor X's personality, and it brought about the over-powered villain, Onslaught. Will we see this amalgamation in X-Men '97? That could be precisely why collectors have been on the prowl for the character's first full appearance in X-Men #53.