Jonathan Hickman’s Ultimate Spider-Man #1 remains in the hot seat while an overlooked Brian Michael Bendis series is warming up. 

The Trending Comics is back for another tour of duty. Using the 10-day rankings of the Hottest Comics on eBay, below are five issues that should catch your eye.


This is the one comic on today’s list that actually lost ground, yet it’s still trending. The secondary market is much like the New York Stock Exchange, and there are ebbs and flows by the day. While Ultimate Spider-Man #1 fell off the pace today, tomorrow could see a quick rebound.

The reason it’s been ranking inside the top-20 Hottest Comics is Marvel’s resurrecting the Ultimate Universe. Hickman is at the helm, and that is enough to get most comic readers excited. This issue marks a new origin for the Ultimate Peter Parker, and collectors are spending top dollar on even the standard cover. 

Will the events in this issue have bigger implications outside Marvel’s publishing wing? That could very well be pushing Ultimate Spider-Man #1 toward the top of the sales list. After all, this was the first of Marvel’s Ultimate comics.


For years, rumors have swirled about the Surfer debuting in the MCU. Going back to Phase Three, there was gossip that he would appear in Avengers: Endgame. Since then, the gossip sites have claimed Marvel considered introducing him sans the FF in his own solo movie or Disney Plus series. However, the most recent scuttlebutt is that he will appear alongside Galactus in The Fantastic Four. We have no idea if that’s remotely true, but it’s easy enough to believe considering the Surfer’s longstanding link to Marvel’s First Family. Put it all together, and it makes sense that his keys are on the move, particularly Silver Surfer #1.


Speaking of MCU gossip, there are reports that Nicolas Cage will reprise his role as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider for Deadpool & Wolverine. With basically every character who ever appeared in a Fox Marvel movie rumored to appear in the third Deadpool flick, it’s not out of the realm of possibility this could happen. Considering the world’s love of Nic Cage’s over-the-top performances, adding him to the cast would make sense for the silliness that is Deadpool. 

If Cage could appear as Johnny Blaze, why is Danny Ketch’s first appearance making moves? This could be collectors and speculators rolling the dice on the future of Ghost Rider. Let’s say Cage is the MCU’s Blaze. That leaves things open for Marvel Studios to cast a new rider in Danny. 


One of Brian Michael Bendis’ more recent creations is getting adapted for the small screen. Amazon is reportedly developing 2018’s Pearl into an upcoming series. Considering the success Amazon has had with The Boys and Invincible, fans can be sure the comic is in the right hands. That is enough to have buyers scouring eBay for the first issue. As you're cruising the auction sites, don’t forget there are variant covers available, so put those on your shopping lists.


Not that it’s a shocking announcement, but Cassandra Nova has been confirmed for Deadpool & Wolverine. In one of the most comic book origins ever written, she is a parasite from the astral plane who managed to replicate Charles Xavier’s DNA while in utero (there was even a weird fetus battle between the two). We can be sure that Ryan Reynolds and company will have fun with that strange backstory. Now that it’s official that Cassandra will be the main antagonist in the movie, it’s put a larger collecting target on her debut comic, New X-Men #114.