Heritage's upcoming Entertainment Auction on August 21st is giving collectors the chance to win some unique items from The Beatles to costume pieces from Dune. This auction is a wonderful mix of items with a strong music theme. I've picked some of the most unique pieces from this collection that caught my eye and included everything from music, movies, and television shows. This entertainment auction is one of the coolest I've looked through in a long time!

The Beatles Set of Four Cake Decorations

Of course, with this auction, you can have your cake and eat it too! These cake toppers feature the fab four -- John, Paul, Ringo, and George, and are brand new in their original package. The decorations come in at 4" tall, and Heritage does note some wear and paint loss on the base of the figures.

These figures aren't rare but are certainly a unique piece of Beatlemania. Comps for similar toppers on eBay have sold for $37 in two recent auctions, and there are several buy-it-nows that accepted the best offer. These similar figures were not still in their packaging though, so I wouldn't be surprised if these cake toppers sold for around $50.

ABC Studio Press Bootlet for The Addams Family 

Are you excited to watch Wednesday on Netflix? I absolutely am! Since 1938, Charles Addams' kooky comic strip family has been delighting readers and viewers- myself included! The cast for the 1964 series was absolutely perfect, capturing the hearts and imaginations of weird goth kids for decades.

This studio program promotion kit is something unique for any Addams Family collector. The kit includes 19 promotion and portrait images, one photograph of Carolyn Jones as Morticia, five pink stereotype mats, two black and white negatives of John Astin as Gomez, and three image sheets.

While you could piece these out to display them, I would personally keep the collection together. Heritage notes these items are in Very Good condition, with visible age, handling, and minor soiling.

Eddie Murphy "Prince Akeem" Bank of Zamunda Bill Prop from Coming to America

Coming to America is a movie I can watch over and over again. It is one of the funniest movies Eddie Murphy has done and is an all-around great movie. Murphy's character, Prince Akeem, travels to America to "sew his royal oats" per his father, but Akeem is on a mission to find his queen. When he lays eyes on Lisa McDowell, it's love at first sight for Akeem.

During one scene in the film, Lisa and Akeem are walking through a museum. Akeem sees the infamous bill with his face on display and panics. Distracting Lisa from noticing, Akeem dodges questions for a little bit longer on who he really is. Per Heritage, this prop has production wear, handling, and age, but is still in Very Good condition.

T.Rex 1973 Nuremberg, Germany Concert Poster

T.Rex and its charismatic singer, Marc Bolan, is arguably one of the best glam rock bands of all time. Bolan's untimely death in 1977 shook the music world, but his legacy has lasted.

This paper poster in 1973 is advertising a T.Rex concert in Nuremberg at the Messehhalle Convention Center. Heritage notes this poster as being in Very Good+ condition with creasing in various spots. A similar poster sold on Heritage in July of 2021 for $159.

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