There are more places to buy graded video games than eBay. Here are some upcoming video game auctions you should be aware of.

Each week, Heritage Auctions hosts a video game auction with WATA-certified video games. Here is what is on their list for this week's auction ending on Monday the 8th. What other auctions are going on right now? Let's take a look!

Video Game Auction: Heritage

There are over 200 games in this auction, head over to Heritage to check out the entire list. I'm going to point out a few key players from the auction. This auction will end on Monday, Feb 8th.

9.4 CIB Early Production Super Mario Bros 2 is up with a current bid of $260. Note that while the grade is great, this is a CIB rather than sealed. If you don't know the difference, check out my recent blog about video game collecting terms you should know. There is also a 7.0 B+ sealed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game with a current bid of $410. This stunner is a lower grade but is a 3-screw rather than a 5-screw and is sealed. There are two Spider-man games. Both are in a 9.8 A++. The highest bid so far at $612 for one and $125 for the other. This game was released in 1982 and was the first video game appearance for Spider-Man. He would later go on to be in many Playstation games.

There is also a Mike Tyson Punch-Out in a 5.0 CIB so if that's been on your grail list you can check it out. Some fun stuff that's in there is an 8.5 Atari E.T and a 9.8A++ Sealed later production Frogger. ET is pretty legendary along with Frogger. There are many other Atari games along with later games - so be sure to check them out.

Video Game Auction: CertifiedLink

This site hosts many different types of collectibles, including video games. There is an auction going on that ends at the same time as the Heritage auction, Monday the 8th. The most notable thing here is a Super Mario Bros. 3 in a 9.4 A that has a current bid of over $7k. Another over $7k game is a 9.2 A Metroid from the Carolina Pedigree Collection. They also have a 7.5 Super Mario Bros Gloss sticker sealed that is going for $1,100 right now. There are some interesting GameBoy games along with Grand Theft Auto III, Punch-Out (7.5 CIB), and Frogger.

They do have the highest graded Centipede (Colecovision) game from Atarisoft. Graded at a 9.8 A+ sealed the current bid is at $100. This game was released originally in 1983 and was made in the USA.

Auction Wrap Up

While there are many different video game auctions going on - these are the ones that focus on graded games. If I missed any auction houses - or if you are a brick-and-mortar that has auctions - let me know in the comments! Are any of these on your radar? I plan on watching those Mario games, since those have been heating up a lot lately!