Valiant Entertainment has released the covers for, and a brief look inside, BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- Duty unbound. Power unmatched. BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED.

Valiant Entertainment launches its first-ever Mature Readers title as the iconic action franchise returns in September with BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED. A brutally unflinching examination of who BLOODSHOT is, the action-packed new series BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED is set against a backdrop of violence that echoes his own abuse at the hands of others by pitting him against deadly rampaging monsters in small town America who reflect his own place in the Valiant Universe.

Check out this first look inside the debut issue BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1!

Making its highly anticipated debut on September 21st, BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED features an action figure homage variant cover series showcasing the Valiant — FigZero S 1/12 BLOODSHOT action figure with threezero. These covers will be available for the first four issues of the series, recreating iconic Valiant BLOODSHOT moments and showing how you can put the Valiant Universe in your hands like never before. Preorder yours now at the Valiant Store!

Featuring covers by Jon Davis-Hunt, Nicole Rifkin, Pete Woods and Gerardo Zaffino, BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1 is written by Deniz Camp with art by Jon Davis-Hunt, colors by Jordie Bellaire and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Be sure to preorder all of your favorite covers at your local comic shop or favorite digital platform when preorders begin on July 28th.

BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1 Cover A Art by Jon Davis-Hunt

BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1 Cover B Art by Nicole Rifkin

BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1 Cover C Not Final Art by Pete Woods

BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1 Preorder Cover Art by Gerardo Zaffino (Hard to Killer Cover series)

Brace for impact with the release of Valiant's BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1 on September 21st, 2022. Remember to join the Valiant Community on Discord and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and as always, stay Valiant!

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