Welcome back to this week's video game auctions! The new year is here, and with it comes new possibilities, new auctions, and new realized prices. As we've seen over the past year it has truly been a seller's market in the video game world, with a number of auction houses setting record-breaking prices on a multitude of games, consoles, game accessories, and even trading card games. For this week, we'll be looking at what Heritage has for us in their weekly auctions, as well as any realized prices. ComicConnect and ComicLink's next big auctions have not started yet (nor do we currently have a date for them) so they will be omitted this week. So sit back, put the new video game that you probably got over the holidays on pause, and let's see what we can find this week.

Current Video Game Auctions

As I said earlier, currently Heritage is the only auction house with active, weekly auctions. We're still waiting for ComicConnect and ComicLink to start their auctions up again. But Heritage's weekly auctions have been full of unique, fun, and sometimes incredible pieces for all kinds of collectors, and consoles. This week we have some seriously cool items, ranging from 80's pop culture icons to game accessories that made your games slightly easier to beat.


Thankfully for all of us, Heritage is still running its weekly focused auctions across each department, despite the holidays. This weekly auction is the first of the new year, and Heritage isn't taking any prisoners with what they have listed.

Right off the bat there's a unique piece just dying to come home with you! This WATA graded 9.4 copy of Monster Party is a unique game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This factory sealed copy is beautiful and features some of the iconic Universal monsters (but no, this is not a Universal game), as well as some other fiendish ghouls, on the cover.

While there is no prior sales data for a 9.4, a 9.6 copy sold for $1320 in March of 2020. This game will attract a multitude of collectors, and if you're looking to invest, hang on to this game for a while.

Video games based on the Warner Brothers cartoons also tend to be sleeper hits. Sure, it's easy to overlook these games, but they have been performing well in the collectors market.

This WATA 9.6 copy of Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters for the Playstation has already seen some action with just a few days left in the auction.

There are currently no sales data on the census for this game, but it is worth keeping your eyes on.

Another game worth keeping your eye on is this WATA 9.6 copy of Heavy Metal. Based on the magazine (which launched two movies), this is the only game based on the cult favorite.

Created for the Dreamcast, this game would be great for Dreamcast, and comic book fans alike. Currently, there is no sales data for this game.

One game that will get a high dollar amount, is this WATA 9.2 copy of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is unique in that it's a sealed, promotional copy, and is the only one of its kind on WATA's records.

A previous 9.2 copy sold for $28800, but since this game is a promotional copy, I have no doubt it will go for much higher.

If you're looking for a good investment, look no further. Zelda games traditionally bring home big bucks, especially if there's something different about them.

This week's auction also includes the follow-up game, Zelda II: The Adventures of Link for the same system. This WATA graded 9.4 is unique in that it is a "variant" edition -- according to Heritage, this is an Oval SOQ TM, Later Production, with only 24 of these being graded by WATA.

This game commands strong prices already, but this could potentially bring more for it.

A similar 9.4 sold for $5280 in May of 2020. Both of these Zelda games would be great for Nintendo enthusiasts, completionists, or someone who needs a solid investment piece.

Indiana Jones is a name we all know. After all, most of us grew up watching those movies!

The heroic character has also seen his fair share of video games, including Raiders of the Lost Ark for the Atari 2600.

This was a very advanced game at the time, and required players to use both joysticks.

This WATA 9.2 copy features a glued lid but is otherwise not traditionally sealed.  There are no other 9.2 copies on the census, but a 9.4 copy sold for $336 in October of 2021.

Another piece of Atari history worth noting is this WATA 9.4 copy of Xenophobe. Originally a Bally-Midway arcade game, this port brought the game into homes.

The cover also bears a strong resemblance to a certain alien in a certain horror/science fiction franchise, but there is no relation between the two.

A sale for a similar 9.4 copy closed for $124 in October of 2021, so while this might not be an ideal investment piece, it is a good addition to any collection.

Also in this auction is an unopened Game Genie for the Nintendo Game Boy! This complete accessory is in fine condition, but there is no mention of if it works or not.

Game Genies were essential if you wanted to beat hard games, so long as you had the patience to put in the cheat codes. Plus there was also the chance the accessory didn't work, and it also didn't fit every cartridge. But still, this was a remarkable item, and it did help scores of people when it was introduced.

Now you can just open your phone to get cheat codes, but back in the day, we didn't have that luxury. Complete sets of this item sell for around $45 in the collectors market, making this an affordable piece of video game history to buy.

Will you see a return on it? That's tough to say -- there isn't a huge demand for them, and they were wildly mass-produced at the time. If you're buying it as an investment, you'll likely be holding onto it for a while.

This auction also features a plethora of Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering cards and other unique and interesting video games -- with a strong focus on early Nintendo games across most of their consoles -- both stationary and handheld. I urge you to check this auction out if you haven't done so already!

Realized Game Prices

Unfortunately, we don't have any realized prices for this week -- likely due to the holiday season. But fear not brave readers! Next week we should have some new numbers to talk about. We also have Heritage's next big video game auction coming up in February, so keep your eyes peeled on some sneak peeks for what's to come. Are you still itching for more? Check out our weekly comic book and poster auction posts as well. Happy new year!

Did you win anything cool this week? Is there a game you're speculating on? Just want to talk about video games in general? Leave a comment in the box below, and as always, happy bidding and good luck!

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