Are you looking to expand your video game collection this holiday season? Need a gift for someone special? Interested in diversifying your investments? Look no further, we're here to show you some of the best collectible and investment pieces in the video game auction scene! This week we're taking a look at what ComicConnect and Heritage have to offer, while also looking at the most recent realized prices for video game auctions. Some prices might even floor you! So welcome back to this week's Video Game Auctions!

Current Video Game Auctions

This week we'll be starting with ComicConnect!

ComicConnect is no stranger to pulling in big bucks on pop culture items, and there are some real gems in their current event auction. No matter what platform you're collecting or investing for, ComicConnect has something for everyone.

Starfox is arguably one of the more popular franchises in video game history. "Do a barrel roll!" is easily one of the most recognizable catchphrases from a video game franchise, and it all started with Starfox on the Super Nintendo! This WATA 9.2 graded CIB (complete in box) copy is visually striking and would make a fine addition to any collection.

If you're looking for a game to invest in, you certainly can't go wrong with Starfox -- so long as you hang onto it for a while. This is an easy game to flip, especially during the holidays, but why not get more bang for your buck? After all, Starfox is still talked about today!

Mario has seen and done, a lot during his illustrious life. He's both a plumber and a princess rescuer, but did you know that the iconic Nintendo mascot even moonlights as a doctor?

Dr. Mario made his medical debut in 1990 with Game Boy's Dr. Mario, the timeless action puzzle game. This WATA 9.6 graded CIB copy is simply exceptional.

Finding a nearly-mint complete copy is some feat, and this would be one hell of an investment piece. It would also be a nice addition to any Nintendo collection.

This is a game you will always see a healthy return on. Were you a fan of the Nintendo GameCube?

The cube-shaped game system might invoke mixed feelings with gamers, but its controller is still highly regarded still to this day since its compatibility with the Nintendo Wii.

Complete in-box consoles are also bringing in a good chunk of change, and this VGA 80+ system is no exception! This is a good investment piece -- prices on complete consoles have been climbing this year, and will likely continue to grow into next year.

Looking for a fighting game to round out your collection? Look no further than this Sega CD WATA 9.4 copy of Mortal Kombat. While not the first game in this side-scrolling fighter game franchise, this game did boast some impressive graphics for the time.

Sega CD may not have been long for this world, but the collectability of these games lives on. Mortal Kombat is still one of the most recognizable fighting games, and this is a solid investment piece.


Heritage Auction House is a name investors, collectors, and auction fans are all familiar with. Their upcoming December 9th video game showcase auction features some pretty impressive pieces -- but that's not surprising. This is Heritage after all!

Castlevania is known far and wide as one of the most recognizable horror games ever produced. The first installment of the series, Castlevania, has been a collector's piece for some time.

A complete in-the-box set is the most desirable for collectors and investors alike, and this WATA 7.5 game is no exception. This early copy of the game should turn your head.

You will most likely net a return on this game, even if you flip it quickly for some extra holiday cash.

With the recent announcement that Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers would be making a return to television screens (or wherever you may stream your content), Disneyheads have gone mad buying up anything related to the pint-sized crime fighters.

While I would normally advise shying away from most Disney-based IP games, this is one that die-hard fans will be looking for -- especially a WATA 9.0 complete in-the-box copy!

If you're looking to invest, now is the time. But I would advise on selling the game prior to the show's return. If you're a Disney junkie, this would be a great holiday gift for yourself!

Here it is, the game that started a thousand Smash tournaments across the globe, while also breaking up friendships and sometimes families.

Nintendo 64's Super Smash Brothers impacted the world in ways Nintendo likely didn't see coming. This game is always in demand, and will always command top dollar on the second-hand market.

This WATA graded 9.2 complete in the box copy is positively stunning, and is worth investing in. You will almost never lose on this game -- unless of course, you're playing against a seasoned champion. In which case, good luck.

The Nintendo 64 was on a roll with breaking up friendships and families through friendly competition. Aside from Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart is another game where you can battle your friends for video game dominance.

This early production run of Mario Kart 64 is heralded by fans across the world. While collectors will always go for this game, investors should not shy away from it. This WATA 9.4 copy is one of the finest copies I've come across. This is a sound investment, and a great addition to any Nintendo collection.

Batman has had a long love affair with video game adaptations, even if some of them have not been as great as the caped crusader. Game Boy Color's Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is one such game. While it may not be on everyone's want list, don't look over this game.

With Warner Brothers always relying on Batman to carry the DC cinematic universe, don't be surprised if you see a Batman Beyond movie in the future. The price on this WATA 9.6 copy might not go high at this moment but have faith. This is a long-term investment, but one that could potentially be had at a low price.

Realized Game Prices

Most Mario games are a sure-fire hit. Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube is just such a game. Ending at an impressive $2,400 during last week's weekly Heritage video game auction, this is a game that will hold its price for the foreseeable future.

This auction had a few other games prices worth noting, and not just in the Nintendo family. A WATA 9.6 copy of Playstations Celebrity Death Match ended at a surprising $360.

The Atari 2600 Space Invaders game, with a WATA grade of 9.6 ended at $432.

Nintendo's LJN nightmare Friday the 13th with a WATA 9.8 grade ended at $1320.

And most impressively, Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers, with a WATA 8.5, ended at $16,800.

A WATA 9.6 Panic Restaurant for Nintendo ended at a steller $24,500, proving that even games you may think no one cares about can still bring in the big bucks. This past week showed nonbelievers that anything can be a solid investment.

So what do you think? Are you bidding on anything cool, or did you win a new piece for your collection recently? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, happy bidding!