The weather outside is frightful, but these auctions are so delightful! Imagine curling up by the fireplace, all snug in a big blanket, with your favorite video game loaded into your console of choice. Surrounding you are your favorite collectible video games, displayed proudly for only a select few to see. Don't have that yet? You're in luck! There's something for every type of collector in this week's post. This week we're taking a look at what Heritage and ComicConnect have to offer, and we'll also look at recently realized prices.

Current Video Game Auctions

Heritage and ComicConnect have some really unique items that are up for auction, and include vintage games, new games, and even consoles and some early Apple technology! We've looked at some unique pieces thus far, but there are a ton of goodies still yet to be talked about. Let's see what our two auction houses have up their sleeves.


Heritage's weekly video game auctions are always a ton of fun to follow. They always feature a wide selection of games from all eras, some of which are even high grade! Let's see what we can find this week.

Everyone's favorite web-slinger made his video game debut in the Atari 2600 in 1982, and he hasn't looked back since! Spider-Man for the Atari 2600 might seem archaic by today's standards, but this was still a fun game to play!

This sealed, WATA 9.8 is a beautiful example of this game, and its value seems to be climbing. Similar 9.8 graded copies of this game have sold for over $2K, with the highest recorded sale being June of 2021 for $4988.

This game could be a solid investment piece, but it's also perfect for Spider-Man, and general video game collectors.

Looking for something newer with Spider-Man? This WATA 8.0 copy of The Amazing Spider-Man vs The Kingpin for the Sega CD is right up your alley.

This cover has some visually striking art, and honestly? The game wasn't half bad. Of course, this is a collector's piece as opposed to something you play, though.

Currently, there is no sales data for this game regardless of the grade, which makes this an exciting auction to watch! 

Speaking of marvelous heroes, Wolverine: Adamantium Rage for the Sega Genesis is worth noting. With a WATA grade of 9.8 -- and cover art by Andy Kubert -- this is a game to keep your eyes on.

Currently, there is no market data for similar 9.8's, meaning this sale will finally put this grade on the census. A 9.6 sold for $720 in November of 2021, so a 9.8 could possibly break the $900 mark.

Interesting in catching all of the Pokemon? Look no further than this WATA 8.0 Pokemon Silver Version graded game.

Pokemon has been a hot collector's piece as of late, with people eating up both the cards and video games like hotcakes.  Similar 8.0 graded games have shot up in value within the last few months, with a similar copy selling for $3120 in October of 2021, after selling for $1975 just mere days prior.

This game has the potential to hit the $3500, but use your best judgment with investing in this. Unless higher-graded copies continue to climb, this may be a lukewarm investment.


ComicConnect's last event auction of the year has plenty of video games to tickle your fancy, ranging from popular franchise titles to games made to entice girls into the world of video games. While these may be last-minute holiday gifts, many of these games make great collector's pieces. We have looked at many of the games already in this auction, but as I said earlier -- there's still so much here! Let's take a look.

Barbie has had a unique and interesting life. She's been just about everything -- a fashion icon, a doctor, an astronaut, and even a video game character! The Nintendo Entertainment System's Barbie was clearly made to attract more girls to video games, and admittedly I did own this game (it was weird yet wonderful). But don't let that distract you -- this game has some serious legs.

This WATA 9.4 example has no similar price data on the census, but a 9.6 sold for $1200 in January of 2021, while a 9.2 sold for $840 in September of 2020. This copy could easily end at a high price and could be a potential investor's piece due to the popularity, and history, behind Barbie.

Of course, that wasn't the only time Barbie appeared in video games. Barbie: Super Model for the Sega Genesis was a fun game, and yes! I absolutely owned this too.

This game was also released on the Super Nintendo system, so all of you Nintendo fans could also get your share of the game. This VGA 80+ is a unique piece and one that could be a lot of fun to watch as the auction nears its end.

This is yet another game that has no sales data on the census, so it's anyone's guess where this game will end.

Lastly for Genesis, let's look at this prime example of Mortal Kombat II for the platform! This insanely popular fighting game looked terrific on Genesis and is easily one of my favorite fighting games.

This sealed-in box WATA 9.4 could go for an exceptional price -- a similar copy sold for $$5000 in August of 2021. But be aware that a 9.8 sold for $4440 in November of 2021. This is a game that is possibly worth investing in, as Mortal Kombat remains a staple in the video game scene.

Realized Game Prices

While we patiently wait for ComicConnect's final event auction for realized prices, Heritage has been slaying it with their weekly video game-focused auctions! Let's see what we can find.

The 1992 Nintendo Entertainment System Swamp Thing ended at an impressive $2,640. Swamp Thing has been one of those underdog titles in the comic world as well, so it's nice to see his video game counterpart getting some love. This WATA 7.5 has set the bar for future graded copies of this game, making this a unique piece for investors.

A sealed WATA 9.8 copy of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham ended at a remarkable $576, while a copy of LJN's Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the NES, with a WATA grade of 9.0 ended at $480. These lesser-known games might not impress investors that much, but these prices don't lie. Even games you might think no one really cares about are still bringing in a decent amount of money.

Both of these titles do not have a lot of data on the census, so only time will tell if they were worth the price. I'm excited to see where ComicConnect's next event auction takes us with prices, and I'm always thrilled to see the ending of every weekly Heritage auction!

Did you win anything cool this week? Just want to talk about video games? Leave a comment in the box below, and as always, happy bidding and good luck!

*Advice and opinions offered in this blog are those of the author and do not represent any investment advice on the behalf of GoCollect.