While there are more people playing video games than in recent years due to COVID, there is another trend that I've noticed for Video Game Collecting. Join me as I look at how collectors are willing to pay more for games during the pandemic.

While researching for other posts, including my recent post about Mario killing it in 2020, I noticed that many of the games had similar value curves in their stats. For this, I'm going to look at (3) systems and specifically the Complete options. We'll see if I do more after this. Let me know if this is something you like seeing and I'll keep going.

Nintendo (NES)

Here is the graph for the NES. This one is slightly different from the other two that I looked at for this article. This boost didn't happen until August. If memory serves, the pandemic got really heated here in the states roughly around late Feb early March. This graph is showing value not quantity - so it also could be that people saw that they were in demand and prices started lifting and to seller's surprise, people continued to buy at higher prices.

Looking at the game I find similar moves. More people in mid-late 2020 were spending more money on their NES games. Obviously not all of them, but to name a few I found to have a COVID bump were Super Mario Bros., Sqoon, Kid Klown in Night Mayor World, Mega Man, and Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. Punch-Out actually went down slightly in April, May, and June only to go way up and continue to climb in July and August through to the end of 2020. While there are many others that continue on this trend - there are plenty that do the opposite or stay the same. Do you think that there is something behind this covid bump on certain games?

Sega Saturn

This is what most of the graphs look like - even for the games with the COVID bump. There are many games that follow this trend. Some are Battlesport, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Magic Knight Rayearth, Burning Rangers, and Dragon Force. Are you someone who bought one of these during COVID and paid a little more for it? I'd love to know why. Are you playing it for nostalgia, is it for your collection, are you using it for investment, are you going to get it graded? Let me know! I've very curious.

PlayStation 1

For PlayStation 1 systems, I think it is very possible people got this to play for nostalgia. I was a PlayStation 1 player growing up so during COVID I was searching for Crash Bandicoot and other similar games that I played growing up - but on the Switch. I'm interested in what you guys have to say in regards to this COVID bump. Games included in this bump (only some, list too long) are Grand Theft Auto, Road Rash, and Castlevania.

Video Game Collecting Wrap Up

Have you noticed similar COVID bumps in collectibles? Let me know down in the comments.

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