XXXMedia Release -- Following up on the recent WALKING DEAD/CHEW flipbook, next week's WALKING DEAD #64 will feature the entire first issue of the pre-release sell out VIKING #1, by writer Ivan Brandon and artist Nic Klein, in a special black & white edition at absolutely no additional cost!

"The response to VIKING has been absolutely flooring in every way. But the chance to expose the book to the entire massive WALKING DEAD fan base is a whole new level of exciting," said Brandon. "Even though VIKING is normally in our full color oversized format, we were surprised by how incredible Nic's art looked in black and white. I think people are really going to love what they see."

VIKING, heralded as a crime comic for the 9th century, follows the story of two brothers looking to make their way up the ladder of the Norse criminal underground only to find they're quickly biting off more than they could ever hope to chew. Nic Klein's lush rendering of Ivan Brandon's hard-boiled story will be right up the alley of any WALKING DEAD fan.

Kirkman added, "I'm personally psyched to have VIKING in the back of WALKING DEAD. As both an Image Partner and a fan, I'm thrilled by the book's success and hope to continue its growth in any way I can."

WALKING DEAD #64 (FEB092371), a 48-page B&W comic book featuring the entirety of VIKING #1 for only $2.99, will go on sale next week, August 12th, 2009. VIKING #3 (JUN090394), a full color 32-page oversized comic book for $2.99, will be in stores August 8th, 2009.