Remember when George Costanza was told that the answer to his big project was in the song "Downtown" by Petula Clark?  I am beginning to feel that way about the Marvel content.  Was it staring us in the face the whole time?  Was the cover of West Coast Avengers #1 the key the entire time?  It was right there...the whole time!  Ant-Man already lives on the west coast, and maybe that is all you need.  Let's explore the manifest destiny of super teams on film!

We know that the character of Clint Barton is going to continue on in future Marvel content as the rumor mill has him joining his daughter in an upcoming Disney+ series.  However, I am not buying that the series will be more interesting by focusing on Kate Bishop rather than Clint Barton.  Is Clint on the hunt for a new grouping of heroes to continue the fight where the Avengers left off?  Did his conversion to the Ronin persona make Hawkeye too far past redeemable?  These are a few of the stories I would like to get answers to when we are treated to some fresh content.

Many speculators have been banking on the arrival of a Young Avengers team.  Kate Bishop would fit well into this concept and a team of youngsters makes a great idea for the long-term prospects of the characters.  I, for one, do not feel that is the direction Marvel will choose.  It is more likely that they will try to expand the concept that works to different variations.  West Coast Avengers, Great Lakes Avengers, Ultimate Avengers, Avengers 2.0, or something mainstream.  This is probably a better direction and will allow Marvel to be more expansive than just showing off some youth.

There are also plenty of teams to choose from that would make the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) more robust for the fans.  I have been politely shouting for the Alpha Flight to meander on down from the North.  Excalibur would be a wonderfully offbeat group of heroes...and the upcoming appearance of the Black Knight in the Eternals could be a precursor for that team.  The Thunderbolts have also been a hot property among speculators.  Marvel should just hold off and bring in the X-Men or Fantastic Four instead of trying to fill the void with B-level team talent.

Either way, an expansion for the MCU is a good thing.  We need to have more accounts, more viewpoints, and more insights into the action and the stories they tell.  The MCU, as we currently know it, is about to be revolutionized.  The Avengers are no more.  The Infinity Stones are supposedly destroyed. Spider-Man's identity is revealed to the world.  These don't even include the ramifications from the blip, the snap, or other time-meddling that could have caused unknown changes, in reality, time, or other governing concepts.  The details should begin to trickle down when Black Widow points us in a new speculatory direction.

Are you expecting an expansion of the Avengers or some new blood in the team's category?  Do you have a favorite hero you would like to see emerge from the back-burner?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!


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