Collecting weird and unique things is something I do. While watching auctions end for popular Gold and Silver keys is fun, there's something more interesting about watching auctions for items that typically don't get as much hype.  Heritage's upcoming Comics & Memorabilia auction -- starting on June 16 -- has some truly cool finds worthy of hype! Of course, there are plenty of Gold and Silver keys to throw your money at, but here are some unique items you absolutely should keep on your radar.

The Yellow Kid in McFadden's Flats

At first glance, this Poor grade book will no doubt turn a lot of people off. But this is one of the rarest Platinum Age books, and it's unrestored. The spine is missing, but the front and back covers are there. The pages are also tan, and Heritage does note brittleness in the corners.

Price guides list a 2.0/Good copy of this book as being valued in the $7,000 ballpark, but given the condition, I would be surprised if this book broke $1,500.  While I can't say if this is a good book to invest in for monetary reasons (simply because not that many come to auction), this is one of the most important books in the history of sequential art.

Extreme care should be given when handling a book like this.

The Green Hornet One Sheet Movie Poster 

This one-sheet poster is a sight to behold. While Heritage notes it has previously been folded with amateur restoration, this is still one hard serial movie poster to find.

While many one-sheets can be found for individual chapters, this one sheet advertises all 13 chapters of The Green Hornet from 1939. This will no doubt display beautifully in anyone's home.

Heritage has sold one before in 2007, and while that one was unrestored, it did end at $6,572.50. This is a one-sheet to keep your eyes on!

Master Comics #1

Fawcett Comics were on top of the world during the Golden Age of comics -- but not everyone was happy about that. In a now-infamous lawsuit, National Comics (better known as DC Comics) sued Fawcett!

DC felt that Master Man, the antagonist in  Master Comics, was too similar to Superman. Fawcett responded by ceasing publication and turning their attention to Captain Marvel (now referred to as Shazam!) instead. This also pissed DC off, but in the end...DC won and is using Shazam in their universe.

While this copy of Master Comics #1 may not seem like much, it is a fun piece of comic book history. This book appears to be in Good/Very Good condition, with an estimated value falling between $1,000 - $2,000.

Batman Vintage Unused Promotional Vinyl 

Unused promotional items are always a delight to find, especially in this condition! This unused Batman vinyl window display from 1966 is certainly the cat's meow! With the stunning Silver Age logo front and center, this advertising gem is listed as in excellent condition, save for a lateral crease in the center.

While it's anyone's guess where this will end up price-wise, it wouldn't surprise me if it went over $400. This is a unique piece of Batman memorabilia and would display beautifully in a frame.

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