There's controversy brewing on X-Men '97.

Viewers were shocked when the show teased an ill-fated love triangle between Rogue, Gambit, and Magneto. While some fans cried foul, comic readers were already familiar with the concept. In fact, it started way back in 1991 and lasted through 2012.

The buzz over Magneto and Rogue has caused a stir on eBay, beginning with this issue.


Collectors went straight to eBay for what is quickly becoming a hot key. Before episode two aired, UXM #274 was of minor importance at best. Since X-Men '97 has teased the possible Rogue/Magneto love affair, it's fanned the flames for this Chris Claremont/Jim Lee tale.

In UXM #274, Magneto and Rogue are allies who begin to hint at a budding romance in the Savage Land. Add in Lee's cover art depicting the pair together, and you can see why buyers have suddenly taken an interest in the issue.


For those looking to track down those Rogue/Magneto keys, you'll want to add X-Men: Legacy #249 to your shopping lists. From a collecting standpoint, it's the cover art that will be the main selling point. As for the story, Legacy #249 saw the pair finally get together 10 years after their Savage Land adventure, though they still weren't an official Marvel couple.


A year after Rogue and Magento's hook up, the on-again/off-again X-Men villain let his feelings be known. Following the events of AVX, Magneto proposed to Rogue, though she rescinded his offer. This led to her returning to Gambit, whom she would eventually marry.


When it comes to the mutant power couple, their most famous pairing happened in the Age of Apocalypse timeline. After Legion traveled through time to kill Magneto but accidentally assassinated Professor X, all Hell literally broke loose. In the words of Peter Venkman, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria! In a world conquered by Apocalypse, readers not only saw Magneto and Rogue as a couple, but X-Men Alpha #1 featured the debut of their son, Charles.


Don't worry, Gambit fans. Introducing Magneto into the Gambit/Rogue affair is only to create conflict and intrigue. By the end of the first season, Rogue will choose Gambit, and everyone will be happy...except Magneto. However, the real treat will be if X-Men '97 explores the Age of Apocalypse timeline. It's doubtful we'll see that in season one, but a cliffhanger involving Legion could set the stage for a massive season two.