The market for Doctor Aphra keys is heating up now that her name is circulating in the Disney+ rumor mill. Better get these keys while you can.

The speculation for Aphra’s keys has been hot for years, but the interest is about to compound. In the comics, she is frequently paired with the bounty hunter Black Krrsantan. If you caught the second episode of The Book of Boba Fett, you saw the notorious Wookie make his live-action debut. His BOBF appearance is leading to theories that Aphra won’t be far behind. That will put a premium on these key issues.


No question, this is the Doctor Aphra key to have. Actually, it could be even more valuable if her two droid friends join her. With Krrsantan appearing in BOBF, he could herald the coming of Aphra as well as Triple Zero and BT-1. That speculation will have this issue red hot in the coming months as fans await any clue that the three will be joining their Wookie companion.

This one should be in line for truly impressive sales figures. Aphra has been a hit with fans since practically day one, and Darth Vader #3 kicked into a new gear when her first solo series debuted. Since then, collectors have been stockpiling her first appearance while they play the waiting game for her live-action arrival. 


If you’re building your Doctor Aphra collection, then you will want to take a closer look at Darth Vader #2. There’s no debate that her first appearance is DV #3, but she was first mentioned in DV #2, and that will make it worth adding to your collection.

Although it does not compete with in-story firsts, the issue also marked the first advertisement for DV #3 with Aphra on the cover art. When she finally makes it into the world of live-action, it will elevate this comic. That could be multiplied exponentially if she gets her own Disney+ series.

Considering how hot Star Wars is at the moment, that could be secretly in the works. 


You know what to do when the first appearance’s FMVs have gotten out of hand, right? Opt for the second appearance.

In some cases, you get the added benefit of the second appearance also having the character’s first time on a cover, just not in this instance, since Aphra was on the front of DV #3.

Still, you get another cool piece of artwork for the cover hunters out there. Since there’s nothing major happening in this issue.

It’s only a minor Aphra key, but that at least should keep the prices low.


Another issue that should be on your shopping list is Doctor Aphra #1. After debuting in 2015, it would take less than two years before she starred in her own self-titled series. That is a testament to her popularity, and it elevated her character to a true comic star.

Now that the Aphra live-action speculation is at full throttle, it should give a sales bump to the Doctor Aphra #1s.


Sooner or later, Aphra will appear in one of the many Star Wars streaming series. For that matter, she could debut in an upcoming movie. After seeing her rise through the comic ranks, there’s no way Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are turning a deaf ear toward her booming fanbase.

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