Good Girl Art is one of the most recognizable art styles in the comic book universe -- especially Golden Age GGA! Good Girl Art, by definition, just means attractive women in comics. Comic books of all genres have featured GGA, from teen humor to out-of-this-world sci-fi. Some GGA books fetch top dollar, while others sit by the wayside. So here are three Good Girl Art covers you should consider for your own collection!

Seven Seas Comics #3 

Matt Baker, the legendary Golden Age artist, did the pencils for this cover. A beautiful raven-haired woman is saving a sailor from an octopus. While women were shown as heroes even in the Golden Age, this is still a wonderful cover as it shows a woman saving a man.

This book is on the lower end of the price scale as well. Expect to pay around $1500 for a mid-range graded copy, while a raw copy will go for less.

There are only 32 copies listed in the CGC Census, divided relatively equally across the board. The most recent sale was in June of 2021 when a 9.6 sold for a whopping $26,400 through Heritage Auctions. A 7.0 sold in May for $1,980, also through Heritage.

Suzie Comics #51

Suzie is definitely one of the more underrated teen humor books, especially since it is an Archie Comic! Each cover of Suzie does count as GGA, but this cover, in particular, stands out.  Suzie was accident-prone in the comics, and this cover perfectly depicts that, with Suzie standing in the remains of her kitchen in a tattered dress.

The damsel in distress feel to this cover is palpable, but it still retains that Archie charm. This book will run you under $300 for a mid-CGC blue grade, so you will not break the bank for this book.

The most recent sale of this comic was a 3.0 that sold for $329, which sold on 5/7/21 through eBay.

Planet Comics #65

This stunning sci-fi comic is absolutely dynamic. Our leading lady on the cover is clearly in distress, as she is buckled in on a spaceship, no doubt being ready to hurl into space. Her outfit indicates that she could also be from another planet.

In August of 2021 a CGC blue label 3.0 sold for $575, which means most collectors can afford this book. While it's not particularly rare, with 68 Blue Labels listed in the CGC Census, Good Girl Art books can be hard to find. But this is one you should have on your want list!

What are some of your favorite underrated GGA books? Let us know in the comments below!

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