In PWCC’s monthly premiere auction ending on August 24th, PWCC is selling one of the most valuable Pokémon cards of all-time: a PSA 10 1999 holographic Charizard card. Let’s take a closer look at this iconic card.

The final form of Charmander, Charizard is a dragon-like, fire-breathing first generation Pokémon. One of the most iconic Pokemons, Charizard is famous for appearing on the box art for both Pokemon Red and Pokemon FireRed on Nintendo’s Game Boy. At least according to this GameRant article, Charizard is even more popular than Pikachu.

PWCC's Gem Mint Charizard card is one of the most valuable Pokémon cards in the world.

With the exception of the Pikachu Illustrator card (which last sold for over $5M in Gem Mint condition), the 1999 1st Edition Holographic Charizard trading card is widely considered to be one of the most sought-after Pokemon cards in the world.

On a recent episode of King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch on Netflix, Ken Goldin and YouTuber Logan Paul box break where they both expressed hope they'd pull a Charizard card (or two) during a box break that cost $360,000 (spoiler alert: they didn't get one).

The publisher released the first edition set in a limited quantity with 102 total cards total (and 16 holographic cards in that set being even more rare). The 1999 Charizard holographic card is exceptionally rare, especially in high-grade. Because the Charizard was so effective in the actual trading card game, players used the card often during gameplay, and, as a result, the cards weren't well preserved for future investment purposes.

Can you blame them?

At the time, who could've guessed they were holding several hundred thousand dollars in their hands while playing a Pokémon trading card game?

A Gem Mint 1999 Charizard card has lost roughly 30% of its value since reaching its all-time high in 2021.

If you are one of the few people in the world who both: (1) love Pokemon trading cards; and (2) can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a trading card, it could be a good time to buy.

This card has lost nearly 30% of its value since another PSA 10 sold in March 2021 for just under $400,000 during an auction hosted by Goldin Auctions. Since then, the same card has sold for considerably less including a sale for $264,000 through Heritage auctions in July 2021, and then $270,600 through Goldin again in September 2021.

Both of these sales are less than what the card sold for pre-pandemic. As an additional data point, there's only one Gem Mint Charizard for sale on eBay right now; it's listed for $289,000.

As of Sunday, August, 20th, the current bid for this card is $140,000. Based on previous sales history, that appears to be a great deal. If you had the money, what would you be willing to pay for this PWCC item?

Do you this Gem Mint 1999 Charizard card is a good long-term investment? Let our community know what your opinion is in the comments section below!