Coldest Comics 3/26What goes up, right? After being one of the biggest selling comics last week, Leonardo #1 fell flat this week, but at least he had notable company. Let's take a look at this week's Coldest Comics list.

Welcome to the Coldest Comics of the week where we dissect the bottom feeders of the Hottest Comics index. Granted, this is simply a snapshot of the collecting world for one week, but it does give you a peek into the sales data and what issues buyers turned away from.

As always, remember that this is based on sales, not fair market value. Does this mean these are worthless pieces of trash? Hardly so, but it is interesting to see which issues took the biggest plunges at least when it comes to the sales volume.

Coldest Comics: Leonardo #1948. LEONARDO TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE #1 (-846)

It was only a week ago that Leonardo #1 was one of the Hottest Comics in the land. After shooting through the rankings, this issue plummeted in a matter of days, and that is likely due to the elevated prices. All things TMNT have gotten a bump thanks to the success of The Last Ronin, and collectors have been gunning for the four turtles' solo adventures. This issue is down but not out, and it will pick up in the coming weeks.

Coldest Comics: UXM 213949. UNCANNY X-MEN #213 (-846)

After this week, it is apparent that not all the X-Men keys have rockets strapped to them. While Uncanny X-Men #213 is not a major key by any stretch, it does feature a classic cover and is the second part to the first Wolverine and Sabretooth showdown. Whether or not we will see a new Sabretooth in the MCU remains to be seen, and that could be why collectors pulled away from this particular issue when there are so many other keys that seem like sure-fire hits.

1000. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #347 (-807)

Amazing Spider-Man #347 is the most surprising entry on today’s list. Those early Venom cover appearances have become hot commodities in the collecting world, and this is one of the more interesting from his early-1990s Erik Larsen era. Maybe it is a bit cheesy, but the Hamlet paraphrasing that I read in Venom’s voice from the ‘90s Spider-Man cartoon makes this issue even better.

996. DARKHAWK #1 (-804)

When it comes to being the butt of jokes in the collecting world, Darkhawk #1 is king. “I’m rich!” “We’ll start the bidding at $1,000.” The list of social media quips at the expense of Darkhawk is infinite, and some of them are even funny. Truth be told, Darkhawk is not a bad character to invest in. Marvel has added him back to the current lineup in the past couple of years, and his first appearance has ranked all the way into the top-10 Hottest Comics at times. But for now, good old Darkhawk #1 was at the bottom of the dog pile.

1001. UNCANNY X-MEN #276 (-2)

Pulling up the caboose is Uncanny X-Men #276. This would be a significant issue had Charles Xavier actually stayed dead as it appeared Wolverine murdered him for mind controlling Gladiator and Oracle to try and kill Deathbird. As the cliche goes, no one stays dead in comics, and Professor X would soon return (and these days, it seems everyone wants to kill Charles). At least this issue has the distinction of sporting a magnificent Jim Lee cover and was part of Chris Claremont’s original X-Men run. On a side note, is it just me or does Wolverine look like he's wearing a championship wrestling belt?

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