Thematically pleasing collectibles are where niche fans thrive. That's true in comics, trading cards, sports memorabilia, and concert posters. There has been a slew of concerts during the anniversary of the United States. In can be difficult to narrow down one's flavor of Americana, but here is a starting point for those searching for their niche.


Often when thinking about the 4th of July concerts, it's easy to think about local acts. That's fine, but there are bigger acts out there over the years. It's harder to recall who exactly, but there are always a handful of notable national acts.

Americana via Willie Nelson

When thinking about what acts might exemplify Americana over the years, a few come to mind. Willie Nelson seems to be a safe bet. Apparently, Nelson has planned numerous July 4th musical celebrations. The first one that caught my eye was this wholesome poster (below).

This particular poster seems a bit difficult to find when it comes to obtaining an original. So far search results have largely come back to auction sites, ranging around $100-$125 depending on the condition of the poster. This 1975 poster is another one of those collectibles that would enhance every single music lover's collection.

Until researching possible posters for this article, I had no idea this thing even existed. Now, I'm learning that there are STILL picnics happening as recently as 2017. As a frequent concertgoer, that oddly has become a show I'd be intrigued to check out (pandemic willing of course).

A more recent iteration of this poster shows how many Rock and Country artists still appreciate the impact of Nelson today (below).

The nice thing about this 2018 version of the 4th of July concert poster is how financially accessible it is. For about $18 after shipping costs, this allegedly "Mint" condition poster can also be hanging on your wall. This selection is more of a long-term investment, as it will take a few decades to gain value. With the current delay of music festivals right now that value might go up quicker than expected. Either way, Nelson is a good starting point to add some Americana tinged artwork to your collection.

If Willie Nelson and country music aren't up your alley, there's always a Rock show to choose from.

Rocking starred and striped posters

Perhaps Lynyrd Skynyrd or Alice Cooper has a great 4th of July show. However, I'm a bit more modern with my Rock sensibilities (nothing wrong with the two listed above). I'm very into the idea of attending a show with the Foo Fighters, Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr. perhaps...wait. That show happened a few years back. Slightly rewind to 2015.

Honestly, this is the kind of show I'd search for when it comes to July 4th. Rock plus Blues plus Hip-Hop is the new Americana. Unfortunately, this particular poster is a reprint and can be easily found on eBay. However, there are several other July 4th concert posters from the Foo Fighters that are mid-tier in price and value.

Whether you're looking for more of a throwback or something modern instead, there's plenty to choose from. It all really depends on what era of Americana you prefer.'


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