Auld Lang Syne might not conjure images of concerts, but collecting New Year's Eve concert posters is an underrated venture. There's the 4th of July and Christmas posters you can find here and there. But, New Year's Eve concert posters are a bit more unique. It's fine if you are doubting this claim, there will be several examples to sway your opinion.

Jamming Out On New Year's Eve

Obviously, there's a New Year's Eve concert for everyone out there. Unfortunately this year we'll all have to find the online versions, but there's no better time to look back at past shows. Oddly enough I'm a lot less picky when it comes to choosing a concert for a New Year's Eve show. I'm so not picky that even jam bands can be a good time at the end of the year. Colorado has plenty of jam band options to choose from, but Umphrey's McGee seems to be the jam band flag bearer:

I'm new to jam bands, and three nights of jamming is an entirely new thing to me. December 29th, 30th, and 31st at the amazing Fillmore Auditorium in downtown Denver had to be a fantastic show; this venue is set up for jam sessions.  Umphrey's McGee has been jamming for over two decades, and this 2017 show likely would have consisted of their Hall of Fame material.

Basically, the band creates an album based off of fan feedback. It's a very interactive idea that I think might be a big factor as to why this group is so popular. When it comes to collecting, this poster runs for about $15 on eBay and shouldn't be too hard to find.

In Case You Want to Rock More than Jam

In case you're looking for a poster that's a bit older and has more of a historical feel to it, there's always some rock to check out. I'm no Grateful Dead expert (or whatever the current Dead & Co. offshoot that exists with John Mayer for some reason). However, from what I'm finding out about this group is that their 30-year career contains some very memorable shows. This particular poster is around the time of Deadheads' favorite tours:

1978 was a very good time for the Grateful Dead. On the heels of a very successful Terrapin Station tour in 1977, the group followed it up with a New Year's Eve show with the Blues Brothers, featuring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. This era of the Grateful Dead feels like a crossroads, as several band members left in 1980. Other members joined, but the band gradually declined, punctuated with the passing of Jerry Garcia. This poster appears to be in near-mint condition, and eBay is asking for $299 plus shipping.

If neither of these is catching your attention, there might be a few others that do.

What to Grab if Rock and Jam Aren't Your Musical Flavors

Jam bands and rock music might not hit the spot for you. There are lots of dance music shows that (until this year) tend to grab people's attention. Here in Colorado, the two-night event of Decadence takes place at the Colorado Convention Center. Should thumping and heavy bass sound not be your thing, there's a gamut of pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and R&B options as well.  For me, Decadence was one of those things to experience really just to see the spectacle and the wide range of music the genre offers.

I happened to attend the most recent Decadence offering of 2019 and it's one of the few concert posters I have that isn't an older Rock poster or newer Hip-Hop one. The 2018 version appears to be what's popping up the most, so here it is:

This one is a fairly easy one to find it seems, and prices at around $15 online. Versions with signatures of artists from this two-night affair (say from Skrillex, Above & Beyond, or Colorado's own GRIZ) might up the price as well. One difference between this one and the 2019 version I own is mine is covered in plastic; this is likely to protect it from the various drink options for this show.

Looking at all of these posters offered a brief glimpse into the past of shows. Hopefully shows like these and all the others mentioned on GoCollect don't stay there. Happy New Year's everyone.