We are witnessing history, folks. I hope we can all take a moment to recognize that Caitlin Clark's senior year at Iowa could become one of the dominant individual season runs in any sport. With her no look passes and trademark "logo threes," she appears to be the second coming of Steph Curry.

Not surprisingly, she's also breaking records in the collectibles market. How high can her rookie cards go?

In January, a 2022 Bowman University Clark Rookie Card Sold for $78,000 on PWCC.

Clark is electrifying women's basketball like no other person before her. On Feb. 15, Clark scored a career-high 49 points to break Kelsey Plum's record for most career points in women's NCAA history. Just two weeks later, she scored 33 points to pass the AIAW record, set by Lynette Woodard with 3,649 points. And then earlier this month, she passed "Pistol" Pete Maravich's mark (3,667) for most career points in Division I history for men AND women. Last week, she scored 30 points in the second half and overtime alone to help Iowa win the Big Ten Championship.

Shockingly, BEFORE she broke all of those records, a PSA 10 copy of Clark's Bowman University Superfractor Rookie Card #50 seen below sold for $78,000 during PWCC's January 2024 premiere auction.

Even though that sale broke the previous record for the highest sale for a women's basketball card by roughly 4x, $78,000 could turn out to be a steal if Clark can manage to break Pearl Moore's scoring record and cap her collegiate career with an NCAA Championship later this month.

During the past month, eBay has recorded nearly 1,200 sales of PSA-graded copies of Clark's cards.

Clarksanity is creating FOMO on eBay in recent weeks for Clark's cards. Just during the past month (i.e., since February 15th), there have been nearly 1,200 sales of PSA graded copies (of any grade) of cards that feature Clark. 1200 in four weeks! Those numbers will rival any athlete in any sport. One of those cards, a PSA 9 copy of a 2022 Bowman Chrome, sold for an impressive $13,433. Eight of those sales during the past month exceeded $5,000. Over a hundred of those cards sold for $1,000 or more. Once the women's NCAA tournament begins in a few days, we shouldn't be surprised if sales volume goes even higher.

Are Caitlin Clark rookie cards a good investment?

Although no one can predict the future, if you generally trust the investing adage to "sell high and buy low," then it may make sense to wait at least a year and see if Clarksanity continues during her WNBA career. If she continues to make buzzer beating logo threes, and sells out stadiums, then it may make sense to revisit the value of her rookie cards. But at the moment, her rookie cards are one of THE hottest and most expensive collectibles on the market. Investors are definitely buying high right now most likely due to FOMO.

Would you invest in Caitlin Clark rookie cards right now? Please let us know what your opinion is in the comments section below!