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by Chris Severs | July 25, 2024

If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year’s SDCC, congrats!  You’re going to want to add VeVe booth #1630 to your checklist!  

by Doug Ohlandt | July 23, 2024

Marvel dropped the first teaser trailer for Captain America: Brave New World on Friday, July 12 and the back issue market just couldn’t help itself. One comic in particular exploded as a result of a few-second sting at the end of the trailer. 

by Chris Severs | July 22, 2024

We had so much fun writing our Top 10 X-Men Comics on the VeVe app list that X-Men SUPERFAN Richard Prins & I decided to give it another go with our review of the top / most important WOLVERINE comics currently available on VeVe!

by Doug Ohlandt | July 20, 2024

We’re back with another look at our Chartbusters! These are the comics that sold for the highest prices in the month of June, a month that was all about the Heritage Signature Auction.

by Joseph Overaitis | July 17, 2024

The CGC Grading Experiment has been a great endeavor. It has allowed for many discoveries to be made. The following is a summary of what participants did to translate graded prices to raw books.

by Joseph Overaitis | July 12, 2024

The CGC grading experiment was created when another blogger and I debated whether it was more advantageous to buy books raw versus slabbed. Most sites would only guesstimate as to answers but GoCollect allowed me to go further.

by Chris Severs | July 6, 2024

THE BIG NEWS: VeVe Digital Collectibles and Marvel are releasing the first-ever digital collectible comic issues of the iconic Hulk #180 & Hulk #181. These groundbreaking drops claw another massive milestone in the evolution of comic book collecting, tugging the nostalgic allure of physical comics with the cutting-edge capabilities of digital...

by Doug Ohlandt | July 3, 2024

While many are familiar with the key Archie issues from the Golden Age, they’re also out of most collectors’ price range. So, let’s take a look at the Silver Age for potentially more affordable issues to target. 

by Doug Ohlandt | June 29, 2024

We’re back with more Undervalued and Overlooked Comics. This is where we identify comics that are either currently lower in value than they could be, aren’t as well known in the collector market, or both. So, let’s get started with a first team-up and a couple first appearances from the Silver Age. 

by Chris Severs | June 25, 2024

VeVe has just dropped ANOTHER big IP partner announcement.  This week LOL, it’s San Francisco-based VIZ Media - a powerhouse in manga and anime publishing and distribution