Category: Investment Speculation

by Joseph Overaitis | June 22, 2024

Comic book and pop culture news is the lifeblood of the hobby for both collectors and investors. Collectors can use the information to navigate the ebb and flow of the market so as to not overspend on their books or collectibles

by Don | June 19, 2024

Among all MCU movies, there are few that have had more production problems than Blade. Throughout all of this production turmoil, how has the first appearance of Blade in Tomb of Dracula #10 fared in the market?

by Doug Ohlandt | June 17, 2024

Phoenix is an incredibly popular member of the X-Men. So, it stands to reason that her first appearance in X-Men #101 would become a sought-after collectible. It’s a comic that appears to be hotter than ever. Let’s take a look at sales volume and prices for X-Men #101 to see if we can determine the...

by Don | June 14, 2024

Several months ago, I wrote a blog discussing whether the comic book market could have reached bottom after two years of painful price corrections. If we have hit bottom, here are five CGC 9.8 slabs that you can purchase now for around $100 or less.

by Doug Ohlandt | June 11, 2024

We’re back with another look at our Chartbusters! These are the comics that sold for the highest prices in the month of May. Let’s dive deep to determine what these sales tell us about the market for the comics every collector wishes they could own. 

by Doug Ohlandt | June 5, 2024

While Marvel TV shows and movies receive the lion’s share of collector buzz, DCU productions are right around the corner. That’s right – we’re back with more DCU spec! This time around, the spotlight will be on Mister Terrific. 

by Matt Tuck | June 5, 2024

Incredible Hulk #182 finally gets its laurels from buyers while Wolverine #88 claws its way up the Hottest Comics ladder. 

by Chris Severs | May 31, 2024

In a nod to the enduring legacy of the Galactus Trilogy, VeVe is releasing the GALACTUS SAGA in digital collectible format the last week of May 2024. This move allows fans and collectors to own a piece of Marvel history in an innovative, modern format, where acquiring these titles in physical format can be very...

by Don | May 23, 2024

The final episode of season one of X-Men '97 had many cameos. Some were expected ... but others were surprising, including two characters we haven't seen in the MCU in an age: Cloak & Dagger.

by Doug Ohlandt | May 21, 2024

One area of focus in comic collecting that has been overlooked since other forms of media began to have such a great influence on the hobby is that of hunting down key comics by top creators. Never fear. We’re here to help you sort through the top books by individual creators, both in terms of...