super bowlCollecting Super Bowl Concert posters might not sound like a thing, but hear me out. It's a one of a kind event not part of any tour. There are no other tour stops to check out. Plus, it's at a venue that as a concert-goer you might never encounter again in that capacity (at least for that artist). If you are someone who is into collecting unique posters then this might be a good route for you. Don't be surprised, though; it might be harder to find these posters than you might think.

The best Super Bowl posters might not even be during the game

Super Bowl halftime shows tend to be a big draw for folks who are not football fans. Honestly, it might be the only draw depending on the teams playing or the play on the field. Often times it feels like the halftime entertainment is very random and it feels like there's no connection to the overall theme of the host city or game itself. That sort of brings us to our first poster, one that takes place the day before the 2019 Super Bowl.

As I somewhat alluded to earlier, this Super Bowl might've been one of the most forgettable in recent memory. New England and Los Angeles managed to combine for a record-low 16 points, with one measly touchdown scored in the game. The halftime entertainment was a safe choice in Maroon 5 (kind of hard to get offended by that band, honestly).

The best entertainment from this week of spectacle and overdone interviews about the game was the day before, thanks to The Foo Fighters. Their Atlantic Station show also featured Tom Morello, Zac Brown, Dave Koz, Roger Taylor, and Perry Farrell. This poster is also a bargain considering the artwork; a balmy $79.99 is the going rate on eBay right now. This limited poster out of a total of 150 printed seems worth the sticker price.

When the game matches the concerts

It's amazing the difference a year makes. In 2020, Kansas City and San Francisco gave us a very exciting game; plenty of back and forth mixed in with a comeback. The halftime show of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunny was energetic and a good reason to get up and move. But again, a show most of the public never witnessed unfolded in the days leading up to the big game.

Guns N Roses has earned the reputation of delivering a pretty good time to their audiences. The group has been around forever and they know what to deliver. The poster advising people of this is pretty straightforward and has few frills for a Miami concert.

Palm leaves with the iconic revolvers wrapped up in some roses are what you'd expect from a Miami Guns N Roses concert. There's just one thing missing: these guys had a big-time collaborator at this show. Snoop Dogg showed up for a one-of-a-kind concert. From what I've read, this festival experience was a fun matchup that music fans might never see again. The above poster on eBay is likely only $12 despite being "mint condition" (the listing's words, not mine) because it is lacking Snoop's name. If it did have the Doggfather's name on it, I'd likely have it on the way to my shipping address.

For those not too enthused about football-related concerts...

It's very understandable should one not want to view the football event of the year. It can drag out if the commercials aren't good and you aren't the least bit concerned with who wins. The following poster is one that shows a few bands in the past have capitalized on the Super Bowl name and made it their own.

The Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida hosted the super bowl of rock festivals, simply titled the Rock Super Bowl. This rock festival happened annually between 1977 to 1983. In 1982, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne, UFO, and others blessed the stage with rock. Well, Ozzy was supposed to, but apparently Pat Travers due to an incident that unfolded the day before allegedly. Anyway, this poster goes for $17.99 on eBay as it is a reproduction. A simple poster that reflects a very intriguing concert lineup that was altered by unexpected events.

If you're not into sports, there's still plenty of music to go around for everyone. It will be interesting to see if there are pre-Super Bowl festivities planned in the same capacity this year.