Collectors Comics Spring Featured Auction is chock full of great comics from the Golden Age to the present. Bidding started on Saturday, April 29, and ends on Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14. I spoke with Thomas Wilson of Collectors Comics about their biggest auction ever. Here’s a preview of the amazing books available.

Signature Series

“The most impressive thing about this auction,” said Thomas Wilson, “is the more than 120 Signature Series comics available.” Among the highlights are a 9.6 graded Tomb of Dracula #1 signed by Stan Lee, Neal Adams, and Gerry Conway; a 7.5 graded Amazing Spider-Man #129 signed by Stan Lee, John Romita, Gerry Conway, and Roy Thomas; and a 9.4 graded Incredible Hulk #340 signed by Todd McFarlane, Stan Lee, and more.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a comic auction with this many Signature Series copies available.”

Amazing Spider-Man

“We also have a ton of Spider-Man in this auction,” said Wilson. “Over 260 issues from Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 and the Amazing Spider-Man Annuals.” One of the best comics in the auction is a 7.5 graded Amazing Spider-Man #14, the first appearance of the Green Goblin.

There’s also a 9.8 graded Amazing Spider-Man #194, the first appearance of the Black Cat, and a 7.0 graded copy, signed and with a sketch by Al Milgrom. Additionally, there are numerous Todd McFarlane signed copies from his run on the title.

Other Auction Highlights

“We have an increase in new consignors in this auction of 33 percent,” said Wilson, “which has allowed us to offer more books and comics of greater quality. There are 1,657 comics available in our Spring Featured Auction.” That’s compared to approximately 1,200 that sold in their Winter Featured Auction.

Roughly 20 to 30 of those comics are Golden Age issues, the standout being a 7.0 graded copy of Marvel Mystery Comics #19. Other Golden Age highlights include a 6.0 graded copy of Batman #17, a 2.0 graded copy of Buck Rogers #2, and a 2.5 graded copy of Shock SuspenStories #11.

Among the Silver and Bronze Age keys available in the auction are 3.5 and 3.0 graded copies of X-Men #1, a 2.0 graded copy of Avengers #1, a 5.0 Restored copy of Daredevil #1, a 6.5 graded copy of Fantastic Four #48, and an 8.0 graded copy of Marvel Spotlight #5.”


“Collectors Comics is also offering a giveaway to anyone who signs up on the site,” said Wilson. “We have a 9.2 graded newsstand edition of Amazing Spider-Man #252 that we’ll be giving away to one lucky winner at the end of the auction. You don’t have to bid to enter – just create an account on the site or sign up for our newsletter and you’re entered in the giveaway.”

Zero Fees to Consignors

“If you’re a seller and missed out on this auction, we’ll have a Summer Featured Auction in a few months,” Wilson said. “And there’s still zero fees to sellers, which helps to keep the prices lower for buyers. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Take a look at all the comics up for bids!

Collectors Comics Spring Featured Auction ends May 13 and 14. What’s your favorite comic in this auction? Let us know below.

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