Welcome back to this week's Comic Auction update! With Thanksgiving officially kicking off the holiday season this week, many of the auction houses have taken much deserved short break. But that doesn't mean there aren't goodies to be found! We'll be looking at what ComicLink and ComicConnect have for us this week. We'll also be looking at realized prices from auctions that have recently ended.

Current Comic Auctions

ComicConnect's Event Auction #48

ComicConnect's Event Auction #48 begins this week, and there are some beautiful books in this comic auction! From the pulp era through the modern age, there is truly something for everyone in this event auction!

This book needs no introduction. The former National Comics' Action Comics #1 changed the course of the comic book universe forever. This book heralded the modern comic, while also giving us the most iconic superhero of all time -- Superman. This beautiful CGC Universal 3.0 with cream to off-white pages is a collector's and investors' dream.

The last time a 3.0 was sold was in January of 2016, selling at a cool $498,750. This is one of the books you will never lose money on, nor will the price be affected by poorly received movies or other media. If you are looking for a book to invest in, you can not go wrong with Action Comics #1.

It was Agatha all along, so why not celebrate the breakout WandaVision character by investing in her first appearance?

Marvel's  Fantastic Four #94 has been heating up for a little over a year now, and with the announcement that Agatha Harkness will get her own series on Disney+, fans have taken notice of this book!

This CBCS Universal 8.5 with off-white pages should have you on notice. This book in any grade has shot up in value within the last 3 months. A similar 8.5 sold for $875 in October of 2021, making this an affordable Silver Age key.

If you're looking for a quick return on this book, you'll likely make a profit. If you're looking to add it to your collection, this will likely be a reasonably priced addition to any Fantastic Four or Agatha Harkness fan!

Are you looking to pick up a copy of Werewolf by Night #32 before the new Moonknight series premiers on Disney+?

This CGC Universal 8.0 with off-white to white pages is a beautiful example of this key Bronze Age book that should be on every collector's want list. This book has skyrocketed in value regardless of grade (or lack thereof).

Similar 8.0's have recently sold for as much as $3450 as of November 2021, which is a slight dip from the $4320 price tag another 8.0 sold for in September of 2021. Do not let that deter you. Interest in Moonknight will continue to go up, and right now Bronze Age books have become the darling of the comic investment world.

This book is a solid investment piece, and one worth holding onto.

When DC introduced Punchline, modern readers and collectors took notice. This CGC Universal 9.8 with white pages example of Year of the Villian: Hell Arisen #3 is Punchline's first full introduction into the Batman mythos. This book has admittedly fallen in price since its debut in 2020, but don't count Punchline out just yet.

A similar 9.8 copy sold for $275 in November of 2021, after a high of $375 in April of 2021. While you won't see a quick turnaround in your investment, now is the time to get a modern key at an affordable price. You never know when Punchline will make her theatrical debut!

Check out all the entries in this auction HERE.

Current Event Auction at ComicLink

ComicLink's current event auction has some beautiful pieces up for the highest bidder. Regardless of what era comic you're collecting, ComicLink always has plenty to look through.

Before The Avengers, Timely's All Winners Comics #1 brought Earth's mightiest heroes together for the first time. This concept, written as a text story by none other than the legendary Stan Lee, brought together Captain America, Bucky, The Human Torch and Toro, Sub-Mariner, The Angel, and Black Marvel. This CGC Universal 7.5 with cream to off-white pages presents beautifully. The colors on the Alex Schomburg drawn cover absolutely pop.

The last time a similar book came up for sale was in 2008, with the highest recorded sale being $9560 in May. Prior to that a similar book sold for $9201 in October of 2002. While many might balk at the lack of price increase, a 7.5 sale has not been recorded since 2008. This book will likely break the $10k threshold, making it a somewhat affordable Golden Age key. If you're looking to invest, plan on hanging onto this book for a long time.

Are you excited about the next Spider-Man movie? I absolutely am -- and this striking example of Amazing Fantasy #15 with a CBCS 9.8 Restored copy should be on your want list. Restored Silver Age books not on your radar? You might want to change your mind about this key. After all, it is signed by Stan Lee. This is a book that will only continue to go up in value, regardless of the grade. While many will shy away from a somewhat common -- yet important -- restored key, the addition of Stan Lee's signature does make this a desirable book.

There is not a lot of data on similar books at this time. In fact, the only other 9.8, from CGC, is a trimmed copy. This could be your chance to own this book at a somewhat affordable price. If I were you, I would hang on to this stunning copy.

Golden Age horror is a genre many collectors and investors gush over. These pre-code books are some of the most beautiful examples of horror comics to date; owning even one can enhance your collection. This particular book, Crime SuspenStories #22, features the infamous decapitation cover that caused mothers to grab their pearl necklaces. This beautiful CGC Universal 5.0 copy with off-white to white pages is a prime example of a Golden Age horror book.

While not a key, this book was unfortunately made famous by the infamous Frederick Wertham, and led to the creation of the Comics Code. This book has been seeing an increase in value over the last two years, so now would be the time to invest. A similar 5.0 sold for $5000 in October of 2021, a jump from the $3800 sale in May of 2020. This is a great investment piece, and one investors and collectors alike should hang onto.

All entries in this auction can be viewed HERE.

 2021 November 18 - 21 Comics & Comic Art Signature® Auction #7248 

Comic prices for this week have been impressive, with Heritage taking the lead on these new sales.

Detective Comics #140, the first appearance of the Riddler, ended at an astonishing $25,200! Despite being a mid-grade, this book proved the toughest riddle yet; can a mid-grade Golden Age key bring the money? Yes, it can. This book will keep climbing in value.

A stunning CGC Universal 9.0 of Famous Funnies #209 featuring the daring Buck Rogers, and showcasing a beautiful Frank Frazetta cover, ended at a cool $4,080.

The Miss America Comics #1 I touched on previously ended at $2,280, proving that even lesser-known Golden Age keys can perform well.

A copy of Startling Comics #49 with a CGC Universal grade of 7.0, featuring the iconic good girl and robot cover, ended at $19,200. Last but certainly not least, a CGC Universal 4.5 copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $54K.

Check out all the results from this comic auction HERE.

Are you bidding in a cool comic auction this week, or did you win something truly special? Let us know in the comments below, and happy bidding!

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