There are some seriously spooky entries in the Black Cat Collection and Pre-Code Horror Showcase Auction at Heritage; have you looked at them yet? We're also getting ready to be able to bid in ComicLink's Next Focused Auction and we have a new batch of Heritage auction results to take a look at. Welcome to this week's Comic Auctions roundup!

Currently Running Comic Auctions

ComicLink’s Next Focused Auction Opens for Bids Oct 22

You can preview the entries in ComicLink’s upcoming auction well in advance of placing bids. Here is a look at a couple notable items from different sessions.

Session 2 features a CGC graded 1.8 copy of All-Star Comics #7 in Good condition. This book is groundbreaking, as it's the first shared comic featuring both Superman and Batman. As this is the first time the two iconic characters appear together in a comic, it's a unique piece that will draw interest in spite of the low grade.  This unrestored book does have a detached cover, though the cover is included with the comic. In December 2020, a 1.8 sold for $680 through ComicConnect.

A CGC 7.0 Amazing Spider-Man #1 in Fine/Very Fine condition is an entry almost guaranteed to draw plenty of attention. 7.0s have been selling in the mid $30,000s, with the last few sales landing at $38,400 (Heritage, 9/21), $34,800 (Heritage, 6/21), and $30,600 (eBay, 5/21). There are 94 Blue Label 7.0s in the CGC Census, with 7.0s representing the top 9% of all graded copies.

A CGC 6.5 FN+ Amazing Spider-Man #14 is available for bids. This book is unrestored, though it earned itself a green CGC label for the offense of missing page 12. This copy has off-white to white pages and features a dual first; it's both the first appearance of Green Goblin and the first Spider-Man/Hulk meeting. Copies of this book in the same grade (though blue label) have been creeping up over the years, with a one-year sales price average of $4,735 and a 90-day sales average of $5,427.

This auction's sessions' subtitles are as follows:
Session 1Select, Key & High-Grade Silver and Bronze Age Comics (pre-1976)
Session 2Golden Age comic books
Session 3CGC/CBCS Graded Late Bronze, Copper and Modern Age Comic Books (post-1975)
Session 4Assorted Comics and other Memorabilia
Session 5Original ArtworkPART 1PART 2

ComicConnect is currently accepting consignments for its Event Auction 48.

Auction entry slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Call toll-free 1.888.779.7377 or e-mail their staff at to reserve your spot. Bidding begins on November 22 and closes on December 13. For additional information on how ComicConnect comic auctions work, please click here.

While consigned items are added daily, you can check out all the items available to this auction thus far HERE.

2021 November 4 The Black Cat Collection and Pre-Code Horror Showcase Auction #40183 at Heritage

From Heritage: “The obsession with Black Cat Comics #50 paved the way for one of the most influential Pre-Code Horror collections in the hobby and on social media. Over the last decade, Gabriel Vaughn amassed well over 500 Pre-Code Horror comics, with many of them being the highest-graded or rarest in the business and the Showcase Auction on November 4 will be the first offerings from this highly valued collection.”

This super-chilling collection offers several books with interesting covers perfect for this Halloween season. We covered a few of the entries in last week's auction blog, but these covers are too cool for me not to feature more of them. Here are a couple that caught my attention.

Bidders have the opportunity to own the highest graded single copy of Mystery Tales #19, a CGC VF+ 8.5 with cream to off-white pages. This 1954 Atlas book was edited by Stan Lee and features a truly grim cover by Harry Anderson. The last time this book came to auction was in June of 2018, realizing $8,900 through ComicConnect.

This copy has a current high bid of $4,500.

We also have a  Black Cat Mystery #35 (Mile High Pedigree) published by Harvey in 1952. This copy is a CGC NM- 9.2 (The highest-graded copy certified by CGC to date) with off-white to white pages.

In this Horror/Suspense comic, a peasant named Aldo Von Carl makes a pact with the Devil that The Devil can have Aldo's soul if he will grant him one wish. Aldo succeeds in tricking the Devil by wishing for eternal life but is captured and beheaded. Yes, he's doomed to live forever, but without his head. Without being able to hear, see, or eat, Aldo is cursed to roam the land forever as a headless body. Light reading, amiright?

As this is the single highest copy, sales figures are few, far between, and offer little guidance as to where this copy could land. The most recent sale was in November of 2011, when the 9.2 sold for $836 through Heritage. The current high bid is $440.

The last one I'll mention today is a Strange Mysteries #7, produced by Superior Comics in 1952. This copy is a CGC 7.5 in Very Fine condition with off-white pages.  This is the sole 7.5 listed in the census, with only two books graded higher, one 8.5 and one 9.0.

Given the small number of books recorded and especially the few in a higher grade, there is not a lot of sales data to look at. In 2019, a 6.5 sold for $667 through eBay, and another sold for $125 all the way back in 2013, also through eBay.

This auction closes on November 4th. Take a peek at all the spooky entries HERE.

Comic Auctions: Results

Heritage's October 17-18 Comic Books Select Auction #122142

Heritage's weekly comic auction produced over 1000 sales for us to take a look through, including all of the usual characters and a few comics considered more obscure. Here are the top three books people were watching in this auction.

The book with the highest number of clicks was a CGC VF+ 8.5 Daredevil #1 with off-white to white pages, which sold for $21,600. While this book will always be a grail piece for many, this grade has been particularly hot over the last 90 days with a 3-month sales average of $23,100 compared to the 1-year average of $19,192.

The second-highest book of interest was a 1929 Action Comics #17 with cream to off-white pages. This particular copy was CGC graded 3.5 and listed in Very Good condition. This is the sixth Superman cover of the title, with Shuster, Fred Guardineer, Bernard Baily, and Bob Kane art.

The final price of this book was $5,280, far exceeding the book's current FMV of $2,900. A 3.5 sold through ComicConnect for $1,651.00 in March of 2019 and for $2,600 in 2018, also through ComicConnect.

The third-place book with the most clicks was a more modern one. A second printing of Spider-Man #1 Gold Edition in a Near Mint/Mint 9.8 with white pages closed for $276.

This book is Todd McFarlane's story, cover, and art and also features a Lizard appearance.

There is no shortage of this book, with 1,693 listed in the CGC census. Still, its sales price exceeded its most recent sales as well as its current FMV. The 90-day sales average for this book rests at $171 while the 1-year average is below that at $148, both below the FMV of $230.

Take a look through all the results from this auction HERE.

Did you bid in any of this week's comic auctions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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