ComicLink, Comic Connect, and Heritage all have something for every collector this week. From key Golden Age books to modern marvels, there's a book for every price point. We'll also take a look at realized prices from previously ended comic auctions. Welcome to this week's Comic Auctions roundup!

Current Comic Auctions

2021 November 18 – 21 Comics & Comic Art Signature® Auction #7248

Heritage has some impressive items for this week's auction. From the first Golden Age Green Lantern to the first Riddler, this auction is a treasure trove of goodies.

Currently in the auction is a CGC Restored label 6.0 All American Comics #16 -- the first appearance of Green Lantern. This off-white to white pages restored book had extensive restoration, including color touch, pieces added, tear seals, spine split sealed, and reinforcement.

With a series in the works from HBO Max, Green Lantern (both the Golden Age and Modern version) will likely see a popularity boost. Right now, this key book is at $15,000 with just a few days left to go.  A book in similar grade and condition last sold in 2012 for $8452, while a blue label 6.5 sold for $215100 in February of 2018.

Another book to not overlook is CGC Signature Series 5.5 Miss America #1, signed by artist Ken Bald. This Timely book is a solid investment, tho it may take some time to see a return. This book features off-white pages and does have two center wraps detached. A blue label 5.0 sold for $1076 in May of 2014, but per the census, no other signed books have been noted. Do not sleep on this book, as it is hard to find Golden Age artist signatures on books.

Looking to add a little mystery to your collection? Then feast your eyes on this Detective Comics #140 -- the first appearance of The Riddler. Since 1948 Riddler has been one of Batman's most infamous rogues and has appeared in almost every Batman adaptation. The Riddler will be in the upcoming The Batman movie and will be played by Paul Dano.

This CGC Universal label 5.0 with off-white to white pages is still sitting at under $10k at the time I'm writing this. A similar book sold for $9000 in May of 2020 -- which indicates to me that this book will be going for more.

If you're looking for a solid investment piece, you certainly won't go wrong with this book.

Take a look through all the entries in this auction HERE.

Event Auction #48 at ComicConnect

ComicConnect's final even auction of the year has something for every collector. Toys, video games, posters, and of course, rare and hard-to-find (and not so hard-to-find) comics. Let's take a look at a few books that should not be overlooked!

Betty and Veronica are pop culture icons, and their adventures were finally put into their own book with Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #1. This CGC Universal 2.5 with brittle pages does present nicely and is currently an affordable key to own. A 2.5 graded copy sold for $360 in June of 2021, dropping from its previous average of $618. This comic has been on a downward trend, but with the announcement of a new Netflix Archie-based movie, there is potential for this book to go up.

After the popularity of Shazam!, casual comic fans have finally started to take notice of the original Captain Marvel and the Marvel family. Mary Marvel -- Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr's plucky sister -- made her first appearance in Captain Marvel Adventures #18, a key book for any Golden Age collector. This CGC Universale 3.0 with cream to off-white pages features a beautifully painted cover and has the Fawcett Comics card on the back cover. This book has been trending up recently, though the most recent sale for a similar 3.0 book was back in December 2013, when the book sold for $450.

Looking for a book that will boldly go where no comic has gone before? This CGC Signatures Series Star Trek #1 signed by William Shatner is the book for you. This 3.5 off-white to white pages is the first comic adaptation of the classic sci-fi series, and this book presents well.

This comic helped keep Star Trek alive, especially in markets that did not have Star Trek airing on television.

Copies of this book have been trending up, making it an affordable key. Another 3.5 signed William Shatner copy sold for $423 in August of 2021.

Get a preview of all the entries in this auction HERE.

ComicLink’s Focused Auction

ComicLink has some gems in this week's auction, some of which collectors may have overlooked!

Beta Ray Bill's first appearance in Thor #337 is a great Copper Age key to invest in. This stunning CGC Universal 9.8 copy with white pages is the second-highest graded on the census. Thor #337 has been in an upward trend, most likely due to the recent Marvel movie announcements. Two copies were recently sold in November of 2021, one for $1150, with another ending at $940. This book will continue to go up in value, so now is the time to invest in this key Thor book.

With the recent announcement on Disney+, interest in Dough Moench's Moon Knight is at an all-time high. The character's first appearance in Werewolf by Night #32 has been rising for months, but now we may see a surge in pricing for this book. This CGC Universal 9.0 with white pages copy is a stunning example of this book. Another 9.0 example of this book sold for $5920 in October of 2021, yet mere days before that sale another 9.0 sold for $6800 -- but I would not panic. This book has been trending up across all grades, and now could be the time to invest.

For modern collectors, do not pass up this chance to own a CGC Universal 9.8 The Last Ronin. This book has been on fire recently -- despite prices trending down -- with people eating up any copy they can find.

Overall, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics have shot up in value, and this new installment in the franchise is no exception.

Currently sitting at $55, this would be a good investment book. With prices trending down it's definitely a book to hang onto and sell later.

Comic Auctions: Results

With 70 bids, a copy of Tales of Suspense #39 sold for $120,000 at ComicLink. This is an impressive number for a CGC Universal 8.5 with off-white to white pages. The first appearance of Iron Man has been a popular book since Iron Man hit theaters, but prices on Tales of Suspense #39 have ebbed and flowed. It looks like prices might be trending up again.

A CGC Universal 9.0 with white pages Marvel Premier #47 recently ended at Heritage for $198. This key book, which introduces Scott Lang as Ant-Man for the first time, has been trending up. But you probably won't see a return on this investment for some time unless you have a 9.8 copy. This is still a very affordable key for collectors, and shouldn't be overlooked despite its resale value. With the next Ant-Man movie on the horizon, interest in this key will go up again.

A Pep Comics #1 with a CGC Universal grade of 2.0 with cream to off white pages ended at an impressive $5,760 at Heritage. This overlooked key is the first appearance of The Shield, whom many consider the first patriotic American comic book hero. This book, regardless of grade, has been trending up. So if you're looking for a piece of comic history, this could be the time to buy!

Did you win anything cool this week? Excited about a realized price for an ended auction? Let us know your comic auctions thoughts in the comments below!