Happy post-Thanksgiving, GoCollect readers! Can you believe the holiday season is officially underway? Time to get gifts or investments to the people you love the most -- even if that person is you (we won't judge). We're going to take a look at what Comic Connect and ComicLink have in store for us -- and there's truly something for every collector here, including pulp collectors! We'll also be taking a look at the newest realized prices from Heritage Auction House. So grab some leftover turkey, and let's see what's in store this week's comic auctions.

Current Comic Auctions

Event Auction #48 at ComicConnect

ComicConnect's last event auction of the year is underway, and there are some real gems in this auction. We've looked at a few already, but fear not. There's plenty of comic goodness for every type of investor and collector!

Pulp Books might not seem like a worthwhile time to some, but to the more knowledgeable collector, they are worth their weight in gold. These books contained high-flying adventures, chills, and thrills, and some even brought us our favorite space heroes.

Certain pulps are heralded for their covers! This October 1933 edition of Weird Tales is one such book. This cover is well known the world over, and some might confuse it with another famed bat-themed heroine, as this cover has been reprinted countless times through the decades.

This stunning copy is a worthwhile piece, and one most collectors will see a return on. Comic Connect sold an 8.0 for $17,000 -- meaning this is worth your time!

Tales of Suspense #39 introduced Tony Stark / Iron Man to the world!

In his glorious debut, Tony Stark's first costume was grey, which we got to see a glimpse of in the first Iron Man movie -- if only for a scant few minutes.

This CGC Universal 4.0 with off-white to white pages should be a no-brainer for collectors. Despite the lower grade, this comic has been heating up regardless!

In November of 2021, a similar copy sold for $13,893 -- a slight dip from the $15,000 sale price from September 2021. But don't let this deter you.

This is one of the most regarded Silver Age keys out there!

Looking to beef up your Golden Age war comic collection? This CGC Universal 4.5 with off-white to white pages copy of Wings Comics #94 is right up your alley! A stunning book to behold, this comic features a daring good girl bondage cover. Wings Comics are celebrated by Golden Age collectors for featuring some of the best cover art to come out of the era, with many covers done by the legendary Alex Schomberg.

This specific issue has a cover by the wonderful Bob Lubbers. This is truly an exceptional book to behold. What's more, most Wings Comics can be had at a very affordable price. A similar 4.5 book sold for $349 in 2021, with other grades retaining their value.

While this may not be a comic for investors, this is a great book for collectors.

ComicLink’s Focused Auction

ComicLink's last featured auction of the year is bringing some impressive items! We've looked at a few pieces already, but there are hundreds of books to feast your eyes on. Every type of collector should check this auction out.

Early Action Comics after the infamous Action Comics #1 may not seem very interesting, but they should not be overlooked. This Action Comics #2 with a CGC Universal grade of 4.5 with off-white to white pages is a beautiful mid-grade example.

This book also contains the second appearance of Superman and is usually hard to find in a mid, unrestored grade. To date, CGC has only given a Universal grade to 23 other Action Comics #2.

To compare, 42 copies of Action Comics #1 have received a CGC Universal grade. The last time a similarly graded Action Comics #2 was offered was in 2005, with a sale of $9201. This copy has already passed that benchmark. This is a must for all types of collectors, and maybe even investors too!

Alex Schomberg is an artist Golden Age fans know all too well. Many of his covers have been reproduced, and while this has not been proven nor disproven, Schomberg's famous robots might have inspired a certain Matt Groening character.

This beautiful copy of Brick Bradford #6 with a CGC Universal grade of 7.5 with cream to off-white pages should be on everyone's want list. The colors still pop, which helps the book present nicely. While there isn't a lot of price data to be found for this book, it has retained its value.

A similar copy sold for $2160 in 2020, a slight drop from $2520 sale in 2019. This is a reasonably priced Golden Age book for new and returning collectors, or those of you looking to expand your Schomberg collection.

Captain America is arguably one of Marvel's most iconic characters. The patriotic hero made his smashing debut in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941, and this cover is nothing short of iconic.

The cover was recreated in the box office hit Captain America (starring Chris Evans), after all! Copies of this book are always in demand, regardless of the grade. This CGC Conservation graded 5.5 features off-white to white pages, and the cover and interior have been reinforced.

There isn't a lot of data on conserved books at this time, but to compare, a Universal 5.5 sold for $156000 in 2019. Complete copies of this Golden Age key do not come up for sale too often, but when they do, they bring in money. This is a key everyone should have on their list!

With HBO's Green Lantern on the horizon, speculation for Green Lantern keys has been at an all-time high. One Lantern, in particular, Guy Gardner, has become a popular Lantern Corp character since his first introduction. The Baltimore-bred character made his debut in Green Lantern #59 but was scarcely used until the late 1980s.

This CGC Universal 9.6 with white pages is s prime example of this book. Green Lantern #59 has been showing an increase in price over this past year alone. A similar 9.6 last sold for $1449 in 2016, making this a speculator's dream book. If you're sitting on a copy, I would hang on to it for a little while longer, but this issue has potential!

Comic Auctions: Results

Some impressive books ended with even more impressive pricing ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Heritage had arguably two of the most sought-after comics recently end at auction. The famed auction house recently sold a copy of  Detective Comics #27 with a CGC Restored 7.0 with white pages for a staggering $336,000 -- which shouldn't shock too many of us.

The first appearance of Batman will always command top dollar, even restored. Trailing not far behind Heritage also sold a copy of Action Comics #1 with a CGC Restored 6.5 with slightly brittle pages for $300,000. Despite the brittle pages, that's an impressive feat for the book that changed the comic book landscape.

Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 are always neck in neck when it comes to pricing, so it's exciting to see Detective Comics #27 win this round. We're still waiting for realized prices from our other auction houses, but I know we'll see some record-breaking prices in the not-so-distant future.

Did you win anything cool this week? Excited about a realized price for an ended auction? Just want to talk about old books?

Let us know your comic auctions thoughts in the comments below! And as always, happy bidding.