It's been another week of comic auctions, with plenty of results to discuss. If you're bidding, check out ComicConnect's Event Auction 47 and Heritage's upcoming Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction #7246. If you're selling, make sure to analyze those numbers so you know how much you could expect! Welcome to this week's comic auction coverage!

Comic Auctions: Results

ComicLink's Session 1A: CGC Signature Series Stan Lee Exclusive Collection Closes - Here are the final tallies -

This was the chance for collectors to add Stan Lee's John Hancock to their collectors, and the results were plentiful. Here are the top three results from this auction, which closed on 8/23/21.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1, CGC 9.0 VF/NM, CGC SIGNATURE SERIES STAN LEE EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION This book's spot as the highest earner is no surprise, given its pride of placement in the hearts of collectors.  This particular copy  featured not only Stan Lee's autograph but also the most important and well-known Spider-Man phrase, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!"One of the top two overall-graded copies, it realized a total of $96,000.

The second-highest earner is another first issue with an iconic phrase inked by Mr. Lee.

FANTASTIC FOUR #1, CGC 6.5 FN+, CGC SIGNATURE SERIES STAN LEE EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION - This launch into the Silver Age of comics has Stan Lee's signature placed to the left of the Human Torch, accompanied by the well-known phrase, "Flame On!" This book, signed on Stan's 93rd birthday, showcased newsstand-fresh White Pages.

This book sold for $50,000 after 96 bids. There are only 5 books in this grade registered in the CGC census of Signature Series books, making it a true gem for the lucky buyer.

Rounding out our top three highest-earners is one more first. One of nine highest-graded copies of GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1, in  CGC 9.8 NM/MT, CGC SIGNATURE SERIES STAN LEE EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION sold for $46,000 before close of auction.  In a book full of firsts, the signature of Stan Lee adds a whole new level of sentimentality.

2021 August 26 Certified Modern Age Comics Showcase Auction #40176 Closes at Heritage

Heritage's most recent Showcase Auction featured Modern books, and plenty of them. Here's a look at the books that topped this auction's chart.

The top spot went to a CGC VF+ 8.5 Thorn Tales From the Lantern #nn (No publisher listed, 1983) with White pages – With only around 1000 copies sold, this was a rare find in any grade, much less as high as 8.5.  Heritage has only offered one other copy of this comic, which collects Jeff Smith's cartoons from the Ohio State University newspaper, and CGC has graded a mere 8 copies of it to date.

This particular copy has been inscribed and remarqued by Smith on the first page, making it all the more rare.

This book ended up selling for $11,400.00.

lf-34-e1628608883212-198x300 Comic Auctions 8/10: Star Wars & Gwen Stacy

Gwen’s still got it. An Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Variant Edition (Marvel, 2014) CGC NM/MT 9.8 with white pages brought in $9,000. This book features the first appearance of the new Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy). The first printing of this issue sold a little over 60,000 copies worldwide, and this 1:25 retailer incentive variant has been considered the most sought-after by collectors.

The current FMV of this grade is $6,500, a massive increase from two years ago when this book was bringing in just $2,500 (7/19/19, eBay). Check out more in-depth sales data on this book HERE.lf?set=path[2%2F4%2F3%2F3%2F5%2F24335199]%2Csizedata[425x425]&call=url[file%3Aproduct Comic Auction Updates 8/17/21: Batman Keys at ComicConnect

Spawn #1 Color Error (Image, 1992) CGC Qualified NM/MT 9.8 White pages.
Yes, this book features a dreaded Qualified CGC label, that’s true. BUT, with fewer than 200 known copies of Spawn #1 “Color Error” out there, this is a real rarity. Due to the low number of copies, CGC does not consider it a “variant” issue and will not slab it in a blue label holder.

Setting a new personal record, this book sold for $8,400.00.

Check out all the entries in this auction HERE.

Currently Running & Upcoming Comic Auctions

Sessions 4,5,& 6 of ComicConnect's Event Auction #47 Nearing Closing

Each session has different featured books and plenty of them. Here is a look at a few of them. Be sure to check out all the entries!

Session 4: (Detective Comics - Journey into Mystery) Ends: Sep 01, 2021 - Keep an eye on:

An 8.0 CGC-graded copy of the Incredible Hulk #1 (1962) with off-white to white pages. This book with a gray Hulk currently has a top bid of $115,000 after 32 bids.  There's also a Journey into Mystery #83, CGC FN+: 6.5 with off-white to white pages, current high bid $20,000. The three most recent sales of this book in this grade landed at $36,000 (8/9/21, Heritage), $26,400 (6/21/21, Heritage), and $21,000 (1/17/21, Heritage).

Session 5: (Journey into Unknown Worlds - Strange Mysteries) Ends: Sep 02, 2021 - This one has some less common finds in it. I'm watching:

A CGC NM: 9.4 Planet Comics #1 with a current high bid of $69,000. This is the first comic book devoted exclusively to science fiction, a genre that continues to remain strong. There's also a 35 cent variant of Star Wars #1 in CGC NM: 9.4 with a high bid of $26,000 and a CGC NM: 9.4 More Fun Comics #55 at a current high bid of $26,000.

Session 6: (Strange Tales - Zip Comics) Ends: Sep 03, 2021  - Wrapping up this event auction is a selection of books features plenty, including several selections of Strange Tales and Zip Comics.  If you're a collector, look for a Strange Tales #110 in CGC FN+: 6.5 with a current high bid of $5,123 and a CGC G+: 2.5 Zip Comics # 18, current high bid at $900.

Check out all the entries in this HUGE auction HERE!

2021 September 8 - 12 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction #7246 at Heritage

This auction might seem like any other, but it has the potential to be pretty groundbreaking. It's offering a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, CGC graded in a stunning NM+ 9.6 with off-white pages. Right now, the highest bid on this book is $2,350,000, which could put in on-pace to set a new record. What do you think, does it have what it takes?

Take a look at all the entries in this auction HERE.

What do you think about this week's comic auctions? Did you place any bids? Let us know in the comments!

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