ComicConnect is known for getting impressive and hard-to-find books from all eras. From platinum age to more modern fare, Comic Connect auctions have sold record-breaking books through the years, making them one of the most highly regarded comic auction sites on the internet. In this pulp-focused event auction, Comic Connect is showcasing some rather important pieces of comic history. Let's look at a few more featured items. Pulp comics are one of the most integral and important pieces to the modern comics we have today. Heroes like Buck Rogers, John Carter of Mars, and The Shadow paved the way for our future comics. These stories are exciting, fun, and completely engrossing. As an added bonus, collecting pulps will not break the bank! Seeing so many important parts of funny book history in one auction is impressive, and awe-inspiring.

Amazing Stories, June 1926

Amazing Stories gave the pop culture world a lot. From the first appearance of Buck Rogers to publishing H.G. Wells's stories on a monthly basis, Amazing Stories is one of the most important pulp books.

Launched in 1926, this early copy of Amazing Stories features stories by Wells, Jules Verne, and Ellis Parker Butler. Amazing Stories is also the first pulp magazine to focus solely on science fiction!

Copies of the magazine typically go for around $50, making this an affordable book for your collection.

Dime Mystery Magazine, March 1942

Dime Mystery Magazine has an interesting history. Originally called Dime Mystery Book Magazine, the pulp failed to gain the attention of readers. After 10 issues the magazine was simply renamed Dime Mystery Magazine, and the magazine would contain more short stories, giving readers more bang for their buck.

This proved to work, as the magazine lasted for 100+ issues. This beautiful copy would be perfect for both pulp and horror fans. Pulp horror covers typically go for roughly $140, making this an affordable piece of art.

Doc Savage Magazine, December 1934

Doc Savage began his illustrious publication history with Doc Savage Magazine in 1933 and has retained a long life with a healthy and dedicated fanbase. This early Doc Savage Magazine features a cover by Walter Baumhofer, who was the first artist to ever paint Doc Savage. His iconic art is still popular to this day.

This specific book would be great for collectors of all genres. Early Doc Savage Magazines typically sell around the $60 range, making this an affordable pulp to invest in.

Fantastic Adventures March 1949

Fantastic Adventures has a rather fantastic history. From almost being discontinued only to be brought back to life mere months later, publisher Ziff-Davis decided to reformat the magazine to bi-monthly which proved to work for Fantastic Adventures.

This specific book features a stunning example of good girl art. A copy recently sold for $15, making this an affordable book to own!

Shadow Magazine, November 1937

The Shadow is one of the most well-known pulp heroes around. The mysterious hero is still captivating audiences today!

This unique issue of The Shadow Magazine is the only magazine to feature a photo cover with Rod LaRocque, who portrayed The Shadow in the second film The Shadow Strikes in 1937. Photo covers from this era are an absolute delight, and this is one piece of pulp history you should invest in.

This unique auction features hundreds of beautiful pulp magazines. Have one you're hoping to win? Let us know in the comments below! Happy bidding!