As far fetched as it may seem, we could see Marvel's famed supernatural superteam on the silver screen very soon.

If you watch the eBay trends, collectors and investors seem to preparing for the Midnight Sons (or the Midnight Suns, as they were later renamed). Not only are Blade and Ghost Rider's first appearances gaining traction, but the Midnight Sons' debut in Ghost Rider #28 has been on the move as well. Given that key members Doctor Strange and Werewolf By Night are already in the MCU and Blade is on the way, things could be coming together. However, the team's on-screen foundation might not be where you'd expect.

Among the practically infinite number of rumored cameos for Deadpool & Wolverine, some gossip sites are claiming that Wesley Snipes will rock his sword and fangs once again as Blade. There's also unconfirmed reports that Ryan Gosling will be the next Ghost Rider. Given that D&W breaks the fourth wall with numerous jabs at the former 20th Century Fox (now simply Fox under Disney's corporate banner), seeing GR in the film wouldn't be out of the question. Not surprising, Nicolas Cage has been rumored to make an appearance as Johnny Blaze. For that matter, what's to say Oscar Isaac won't grace the screen as Moon Knight? Toss in Benedict Cumberbatch and the Cloak of Levitation, and we've got ourselves a makeshift Midnight Sons.

On that note, let's take a closer look at these Midnight Sons/Suns keys that could in fashion in the near future.


Originally introduced as The Nine, the Midnight Sons first joined forces in 1992's GR #28, making it the most popular comic in the team's pantheon. The initial lineup consisted of Danny Ketch, who was Ghost Rider at the time, Johnny Blaze, Blade, Morbius, Hannibal King, Frank Drake, Sam Buchanan, Victoria Montesi, and Louise Hastings. For the completionists out there, you'll want to add GR #31 to your shopping lists as this was the team's second overall and first full appearance.


Next to first appearances, those first self-titled series are the top investment choices. For this team, they were given their own title in 1993's Midnight Sons #1.

In the early 1990s, Marvel leaned heavily into the Unlimited brand. Similar to the Giant-Size issues from the '70s, several titles got an Unlimited comic. The most famous remains Spider-Man Unlimited, but Midnight Sons Unlimited could get a sales spike if some version of the team comes together soon.


With all this talk of Blade, Ghost Rider, and the other supernatural characters, where does that leave Deadpool and Wolverine? While Deadpool has never been part of the team, Wolverine was thrown into the lineup for the forgettable Midnight Suns video game as well as being added to the first Midnight Suns comic book lineup. In fact, he's on the cover of the first Midnight Suns self-titled comic. Here, Logan partnered with Blade, Magik, Spirit Rider/Kushala, Nico Minoru, and Zoe Laveau.


Whether or not it happens in Deadpool & Wolverine, it's hard to imagine Marvel Studios not capitalizing on the Midnight Suns. Between the game and the comic title, it's obvious the Marvel executives see profits here. When the MCU finally brings Blade and a new Ghost Rider to movie screens, that's when we will most likely see the team come together, officially at least. Still, it would make for a fun moment to see Deadpool, Wolverine, Blade, and Ghost Rider share the screen together in D&W.