Those casting rumors have put a spotlight on Lady Deadpool's key issues. Which ones should you be watching? Here's your shopping list.

For a year, Deadpool & Wolverine has kept investors and collectors on their toes. There's been so much gossip surrounding the movie, and the trailers have only added to the intrigue. While we know the principal cast, the near-infinite rumored cameos has caused a wave of speculation in its own right.

The latest gossip surrounds Lady Deadpool. As far as the internet is concerned, Ryan Reynolds wife, Blake Lively, is in the lead for the role. However, there's some speculation that it could be Taylor Swift as the Deadpool variant rather than the oft-mentioned Dazzler.

We will have our answers in a matter of weeks when D&W hits theaters. In the meantime, it's sparked a flood of attention for these key issues.


When it comes to that coveted first appearance, you've got options. The most common version is the first print, and it's no shock that the prices are inflating. The graded 9.8 will generally cost you around $300, but the fair market value has been creeping closer to $400 as of late.


Being a new character's debut, buyers flocked to Merc with a Mouth #7 when it was first published in 2010. The sales warranted a second printing, and those are always popular in the collecting circles. For the past year, the graded 9.8 has been averaging over $500 and has sold for as much as $1,000 in the past year.


That aforementioned popularity kept rolling into the third printing, and this is the issue with the eye-popping figures. Over the last 12 months, the 9.8 has amassed a $794 FMV. While that's nothing to scoff at, it's been earning over $1,000 in two of the last four sales. On March 1, a copy sold for $1,275, and another brought $1,200 on May 25, giving it a 90-day FMV of $1,050.


With all the commotion for Lady Deadpool's first appearance, it could lead to a golden opportunity for her first self-titled comic. Since this isn't her comic debut, the prices are much cheaper compared to Merc with a Mouth #7. The most recent sale for an ungraded Lady Deadpool #1 was $30. The price goes up dramatically for a graded 9.8. On average, it's been in the $150 range in recent months, but the latest sale was for $275 on May 26.


Basically since Deadpool & Wolverine's first trailer dropped, it's been clear that audiences will meet some version of the Deadpool Corps. With the Multiverse being at the center of the movie's plot, seeing Deadpool variants join forces is fitting. Depending on how fans react to the Deadpool Corps, we could see more of Lady Deadpool and the rest of the gang.