Echo print gallery has launched an exclusive poster subscription series for some of the music industries' biggest names. Iconic bands like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and Kiss will be featured in their 2021 poster series. Each bands' series will consist of a total of 6 unique posters featuring some of the biggest names in poster design. Artists like Tom Whalen, Justin Hampton, David Welker, and Frank Kozik have been commissioned to created unique designs inspired by the music. Each print will commemorate a past performance from the bands. Thus, adding a collectible element to these awesome prints.

Back in Black

WhalenFirst, we have the AC/DC print designed by artist Tom Whalen. The print commemorates the beginning of AC/DC’s Back in Black Tour from 1980 in Philadelphia, PA. Tom Whalen was inspired by an old AC/DC cassette tape that was the "soundtrack to the summer of ’91” for Whalen. The print measures 18” x 24” and is a 7-color silkscreen. The "Fire" edition is limited to 175 pieces, and the Midnight, Fire Gold, and Midnight Lava foil editions are limited to just 75 pieces.

Are you experienced

HendrixNext up, we have the first release in The Jimi Hendrix poster series. This print was designed by artist and designer Dirty Donny. Donny chose to commemorate a Hendrix show from March 19th 1968 in his hometown of Ottawa Canada. On the design process, Donny said; “ I hand-inked it like they did back in the day and chose some vibrant colors for the screen printing that I know would pop out nice.”  The 18” x 24” print is printed on Cougar White paper stock and is limited to 150 copies. There are also a gold, and rainbow foil edition available, each limited to 75 pieces.

Rock city.

Kiss HamptonThe third print in the 2021 subscription series was created by artist Justin Hampton. The print is a 9-color screen print commemorating a pair of Kiss concerts from Jersey City back in 1976. The designs pay homage to the band's most recognizable song “Detroit Rock City.” It features the members of Kiss in full regalia around a speeding muscle car in front of the Detroit skyline. The poster also uses metallic silver ink to reflect the band's iconic color scheme. The Silver Stardream variant is printed on 100 lb  Silver Metallic Flaked Stardream paper and is a limited edition of 75 pieces. 

Dark Side of the Moon.

Pink Floyd Echo Print The final print in the series is designer WolfSkullJack’s homage to Pink Floyd. The poster commemorates Pink Floyds 1973 concert in Vienna, Austria. The design for the poster was heavily influenced by the Floyd tunes 'Time' and 'Breathe' from their 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon. According to the artist “The wolf is representative as part of the natural life cycle of the rabbit in an all-natural way rather than something sinister.” The rainbow foil variant really works well with the design aesthetic of this particular poster. A gallery edition and lava foil variant are also available.

These awesome designs are just the first in each respective series. Expect the additional 5 designs to be released throughout the rest of 2021. For more information on the series or to sign up for a subscription check out Echo Print Gallery.

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