Foo Fighters 1995 SF Fillmore showWith the Grunge era on top, very few thought about the Foo Fighters and future bands to come later. The 90s were rife with Nirvana and other band's tunes.


With the Grunge era on top, very few thought about the Foo Fighters and future bands to come later. The 90s were rife with Nirvana and other band's tunes. Frankly, that's all that mattered. Never mind the tragic ending to Nirvana, or what the surviving members might do in the long run. Luckily for Rock fans everywhere (and music fans in general), a drummer known as Dave Grohl started another band.

That band has had some earworm songs and some posters that have grabbed fans' attention in a similar fashion. Fighting to figure out which Foo Fighters poster to collect is going to be difficult, but it's very likely you're up for the challenge.

Which Foo Fighters poster are you fighting for?

Unlike past articles, this band is still very active in creating music and touring (whenever that can start again). From tours across several continents to any major music festival of your choice, these guys are usually there. Rather than solely focusing on the eras that these posters come from, let's focus a bit more on the art style itself.

The popularity of this band has led to wide-ranging imagery used for their shows. For example, graphic art/comic book-type of posters are very available (shown above). These more recent posters from the past couple of years highlight the playful nature of the band now; in earlier years, a tumultuous relationship amongst members almost ended the band.

Animated and colorful, the concern of that happening now seems non-existent. Collecting newer posters are very cost-friendly, which is an added bonus. Both of these posters cost under $10 on eBay, and both appear fairly easy to find. Perhaps due to the band's Seattle origins explains the ease of finding Canadian posters; perhaps it's just a coincidence.

One happy coincidence I came across while searching for international posters is this beauty right here:

Foo Fighters BA Argentina show

This one, as you can tell, is a co-headlined show between the Foo and Queens of the Stone Age in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2018. The colors, the spaceship hovering above the gigantic snake, all of it grabs my attention simultaneously. This poster was created only for this Buenos Aires show, and it would seem to me to be a very sought after poster. It had a limited edition printing and was $35. This one very well might be harder to track down and could cost more than it did upon its initial release. But, it also might be one of those that's worth the effort and cost.

Finding posters closer to the start of the Foo

Colorful and action-packed posters are a nice addition to any collection. However, older posters with some historical significance can be a diamond in the rough. This 1997 poster that still has a comic book feel to it could be one of those gems depending on your tastes:

Foo Fighters Ok 1997 concert

This 1996 concert poster is still affordable at around $10 on eBay. What's interesting for me about this poster is that it's likely before the release of their second album, The Colour and the Shape. While there was some slight turmoil over Grohl re-recording the drum parts, prompting William Goldsmith (the band's first drummer) to depart. This show was one of many that determined if this group was going to survive. It appears things weren't disrupted too much, as they're still making music.

There are all kinds of Foo Fighters posters to check out, it all depends on how much color and action you want to view on your walls.


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