A Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was always the edgier little brother of the more popular Super Nintendo. The Genesis wasn't afraid to push the boundaries of allowable content on consoles in the early Nineties. This is best exemplified by the green blood present in the port of Mortal Kombat on the SNES. The Genesis though showed those Scorpion fatalities in all their gory glory. As is always the case in such situations, the Super Nintendo was more dominant during that time and still is on the collectibles stage. That's not to say there isn't a market, it just doesn't have as many big money makers as the SNES. Here are five games that make smart investments for the Sega Genesis.

Sonic and Knuckles (1994)

Sonic has to be on this list, but which one to choose? The flagship series for the console has many titles to choose from, but Sonic and Knuckles offer high value for loose cartridges at over $15 and great value in box which currently stands at over $275.

Crusader of Centy (1994)

This sought after Zelda clone is one of the big money gems on this list. Not being a big name may be beneficial to this game, as it posts big sales in or out of the box. Lucky sellers can get $400 plus for a loose copy of the game and sales over $2000 on a new in box copy! Check out the Crusader of Centy on GameValueNow

Castlevania: Bloodlines (1993) 

Back to franchise favorites with this well-known title. Big-name franchises tend to be steady if less spectacular sellers on any console and Castlevania is no exception. This game is unique as the sales floor is not far from the ceiling. A loose copy in the wild can still net above $70. New in the box tops out at just above $190.

The Punisher (1993)

I'm a bit of a comic nut, and The Punisher is a great example of how the Sega Genesis could push the boundaries of acceptable content. It was compared to Mortal Kombat for the amount of blood and gore present. Pick this game up in wild and a loose copy could net over $100 and an in the box copy can hit over the $1000 mark.

Earthworm Jim (1994)

Despite the great memories that I have of playing this game, it is not one of the high rollers on this list. In fact, Earthworm Jim reflects what you get with a lot of video games or any collectibles. The loose version has moderate value, sitting at around $20. With that being the case, new in the box can net you up to $200. This game is on this list because as with all popular games, more cartridges should be available to pick up at thrift stores, garage sales, and other areas where you can buy low and sell high. 


With the official creation and release of a portable Sega Genesis system, more attention will be drawn towards the console. The Genesis has seen reliable growth for years now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Though it will probably not reach the collectability of the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis has some valuable gems scattered throughout and presents a solid investment opportunity.