Welcome to part two of our Friday the 13th overview! If you haven't read part one, feel free to jump on over to that article. While not entirely necessary, it will give you a better overview of the full scope of Jason comics. With that said, let's dive right in!

The Avatar Press Years

Unfortunately, Topps Comics went out of business in 1998, forcing comic books to take a break from the hockey mask serial killer. But in 2005, Avatar picked up the bloody pieces and released their take on the Friday the 13th lore. The Avatar Press comics include the following:

Friday the 13th Special (2005)

These are not my favorite of the Friday the 13th comics, as they rely heavily on just hacking and slashing. While that really isn't a bad thing, the art also doesn't do it for me.

Yet despite my personal reasons, this is still a worthwhile run to collect. The Friday the 13th special will run you less than $80 for a high-grade copy for both covers.

Friday the 13th: Bloodbath (2005 - 2006)

Friday the 13th: Bloodbath, on the other hand, is potentially more collectible. This three-issue series features a handful of variant covers, with the most popular being Bloodbath #1's leather cover variant. The leather cover is harder to find, but not impossible. To date, CGC has graded 92 copies, with 82 receiving a Universal label. Out of those 82, 14 obtained a 9.9 grade -- a very hard grade to achieve! The one-year average for 9.9 copies is $251, with prices trending up. This comic won't break the bank regardless of grade, but if you find a 9.9 I would absolutely buy it.

Jason X Special (2005) & Friday the 13th Fearbook (2006)

Fearbook received the same variant cover treatment, yet the only cover worth hunting would be the leatherbound cover. CGC only graded 39 copies of this book, with 2 obtaining a 9.9 grade. The one-year average on those examples is $159, with prices dropping to under $90 for grades 9.8 and below.

The Jason X Special also saw a number of variant editions, including a leather cover variant. CGC has graded 30 of those to date, with 15 obtaining a 9.8. The one-year average on 9.8 leather editions is $131, with prices trending down.

Friday the 13th: Jason vs Jason X (2006)

The final Avatar Press Jason comic, Jason vs Jason X is largely forgettable, but did have at least one cool cover. The steel variant features both Jason's facing off against each other, and copies can be found for under $60 -- including CGC blue label 9.8 examples.

If I were on the market for Friday the 13th comics, I would opt for the leather covers. While they may not yield me any kind of return, they are certainly unique and would fit in well with my horror collection!

The WildStorm Years (with a nod to Dynamite) 

Almost two short years after Jason vs Jason X, WildStorm -- a DC imprint -- obtained the rights to Friday the 13th. The comics that fall under these years include:

Friday The 13th (2007)
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (2007)
Pamela's Tale (2007)
Abuser and the Abused (2008)
Bad Land (2008)

The publisher also worked with Dynamite to release the following crossovers:

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash (2007-2008)
Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors (2008)

As far as collecting these comics, you can find most of them ungraded for under $50. High-grade examples will run you around $130 per book.

While these books are fun, they don't really add anything to the overall Friday the 13th mythos -- save for Pamela's Tale.

This story gives us a look at Pamela's Vorhees, the killer from the first movie who is driven by revenge for her "dead" son. The comic offers background into their bond, something no other movie had really done prior.

The Freddy, Ash, and Jason crossovers are absolutely fun. Taking three of the most popular 80s horror franchises (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Evil Dead, and Friday the 13th) was a good idea. If I had the funds I'd buy a set and get them signed by the actors (tho in Jason's case there are multiple Jason actors).

Unfortunately, after WildStorm folded no one else picked up the license for Friday the 13th. While Jason is still an iconic horror slasher, he has taken more of a backseat to other horror icons -- for now.

There are plenty of publishers who could do wonders with the series, so here's hoping he slashes his way through comic books once again!

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.