Green Day Madison Square Garden

I'm flabbergasted each time I recall that Green Day is the band that wrote and performed "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)". I grew up listening to this group (among others); however, I'm a lot more familiar with their American Idiot days in comparison. Recognizing how long this group has played for is also an unexpected trip down memory lane.

This East Bay, California group has crafted popular music for nearly 25 years. If you count their inception as teenagers, it adds up to around 33 years. That's nothing to shake a stick at. With that being said, I need to choose which Green Day era I want to collect from.


It's something unpredictable, but in the end, it's right

2017 Green Day limited edition poster

Posters for this 90s era punk rock band are as unpredictable as they are. For example, this recent limited edition 2017 artwork by Groovy Killers On Acid studios is $50 on eBay. Honestly, for a limited release of 20 posters, this sounds too good to be true.


The artwork is very different than what I can recall seeing for these guys. The graffiti-esque background, the logos that have nothing to do with the band. I honestly like this piece and it feels like a celebration of the band. However, it could be a piece that's more an homage than anything. The California trio joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015, their first year of eligibility. Perhaps this was in mind when creating this colorful portrait of their music.

Have The Time of Your Life collecting posters

I'm also one who tends to seek out posters from a band's origins. There are plenty of posters that have that just sardonic enough image that captures this brand of punk. One such image that begins to capture that 90s punk feel for me is this poster right here:

Green Day 1995 LA

The comic book-ish design is also a limited edition poster, but there are a plentiful 1,450 copies available. This 1995 show unfolded in LA's Olympic Auditorium, a fitting venue. Since it is a limited edition piece signed by the artist Coop, it's going for $179.95. If I was a diehard Green Day fan, I'd likely pony up.

This combo of an alien reminiscent of MARS ATTACKS! with this venue, band, and artist seems like it'd be pricier. MARS ATTACKS! entered theaters in 1996, so this poster from a 1995 show for me adds to the collectability factor. There is one more era that I have to look into, and that era is where it all started for me.

My top era of Green Day to collect

Green Day American Idiot tour

I tend to look for either Madison Square Garden or Denver-related posters. However, I appreciate the comprehensive list of UK dates on this particular poster. American Idiot was released in 2004 and debuted as the number one Billboard charting album. The ensuing 2005 tour spanned over 150 dates across the world, which is no surprise.

That album was huge and likely launched the group into rock history. Luckily for fans, the price isn't historic, as this particular collectible is hovering around $20 over at prints4u. After digging a bit more I might find a Denver-focused poster, but this particular image would go nicely with my other concert posters. What's also nice about Green Day is that they aren't done creating and touring. So, you might just find something you want that's yet to come.


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