Taylor Swift’s Time Magazine cover from December is rocketing up the charts!

The Hottest Magazines is a curated list of the magazines moving up the eBay sales lists. GoCollect pulls the stats straight from eBay and sorts them by volume moving in the marketplace over the past 30 days.

2. Time #v202 #21 (Cover B) (+23)

One of three Taylor Swift covers for the Christmas Day issue in 2023, and featuring her as Time's Person of the Year, this issue is the hottest new magazine around and comes in at Number 2 on our overall list. It’s hard to imagine any magazine dethroning Nintendo Power #1 on the Hottest Magazines, but Taylor is making magazine collectors look Back to December for this one.

10. Marvel Year-In-Review #1 (new to the list)

The first, and only, issue of Marvel Year-In-Review has pulled in comic book fans on the hunt for Todd McFarlane Spider-Man covers. Published in January 1990, it features events in Marvel Comics released in 1989. The parody issue covers the Super Powers Registration Act and Atlantis Attacks, and names She-Hulk the woman of the year.

11. Nintendo Power #41 (new to the list)

Remember when Super Mario Kart came out in 1992 and you spent hours playing it on your Super Nintendo? Well, this issue was the first to feature the game. Easily one of the strongest collectible magazine series, an issue of Nintendo Power that marks the first appearance in the series to cover the platform’s most successful game is sure to race up the charts.

12. Sports Illustrated #v59 #23 (+73)

It’s no surprise that during March Madness Sports Illustrated collectors would focus on this issue. A pre-season 1983 ranking of the top college basketball teams, the cover features Michael Jordan and Sam Perkins of North Carolina – the team ranked number one following their 1982 championship. Oh, and it just happens to be the first Sports Illustrated cover for His Airness.

21. Playboy #v46 #1 (+31)

Featuring a creative montage of Playboy covers from its illustrious publishing history laid out in such a way as to form a pinup model, this 45th anniversary issue has collectors drooling for this January 1999 issue. Rare for more recent issues of the men’s magazines, there are no celebrities featured on the cover, just this unforgettable montage.

Honorable Mentions

Coming on strong on our list of the Hottest Magazines over the past 10 days is Playboy #v40 #10, up 30 and placing number one. If any magazine has a shot at dethroning Nintendo Power #1 on our 30-day list, it’s this one. This Jerry Seinfeld cover from 1993 remains one of the most sought-after issues in the series’ history.

New to the 10-day list is Nintendo Power #28. This September 1991 issue is the first to feature Super Mario World and comes in at number 4 on our 10-day list. While not as popular as Super Mario Kart would be, covers of Nintendo Power featuring Mario have proven to be one of the top draws for collectors of the series.