When DC announced that the latest iteration of Superman – Jonathan Kent, Clark and Lois’ son – would be coming out as queer in the November 9 release, Superman: Son of Kal-El #5, it sent shockwaves through the collecting community that reverberated out to the general public.  Let’s take a look at some Jonathan Kent keys to see how this news is affecting prices.

Birth of Jonathan Kent

As with many of the DC stories involving New 52 and early Rebirth issues, much has been retconned regarding the birth of Clark and Lois Kent’s son, Jonathan.  For collecting and investment purposes, Jon Kent’s first appearance was in Convergence Superman #2.  Being that this is a modern book, you’re not going to see any low grades in the CGC census. This will be true for all the books discussed.  The overall census includes 143 total copies.

This book has essentially seen two surges – one at the beginning of 2019 and then another beginning in June of this year.  The current FMV for a 9.6 stands at $210 for a 9.8 and $122 for a 9.6.  The most recent sales, however, show a 9.8 selling for 36% over FMV and a 9.6 selling for 61% over FMV.  As public interest increases in the son of Kal-El, expect values to continue on an upward trajectory.

Superboy and Super Sons

Superman Vol. 4 #6  marks the first time that Jon Kent is referred to as Superboy.  It’s the first time he takes on the mantle of an iconic character formerly associated with his father as a teenager.

There are only 11 copies of this book in the CGC census. As such, data is lacking and we’re unable to come to any true consensus regarding value.  Interested in speculating on this issue? You’re best off hunting down raw copies in high grades and sending them in for grading.

Along with Damian Wayne, Jon Kent took on a starring role in Super Sons #1, featuring Superboy and Robin.  As with Superman Vol. 4 #6, there are few copies in the CGC census.  The best approach with this book is the same – hunt for high-grade raw copies.

Son of Kal-El

Jon Kent became the all-new Superman beginning with Superman: Son of Kal-El #1.  This book was just released on July 27, so there a no copies yet listed as graded in the CGC census.  Expect that number to increase a great deal very soon, both from the current buzz about the character and the fact that it’s a first issue.  This is definitely a comic worth tracking.

And now we come to the book releasing this week – Superman: Son of Kal-El #5.  Our closest parallels regarding media attention around Superman and a character coming out are Superman Vol. 2 #75 – the death of Superman – and Alpha Flight #106, an issue where Northstar was the first superhero to come out as gay.  Unfortunately, both of these books were released nearly thirty years ago and don’t offer much in terms of comparisons.

While both received quite a bit of press, there were many, many copies of the death of Superman released in 1993. Therefore, the story tended toward oversaturation. While Northstar coming out did get some attention in 1992, the event didn’t really register with the public much as the character was a relative unknown.

Assuming DC upped the print run for Superman: Son of Kal-El #5, it’s worth following how the book is selling at comic book stores in your area and how it’s resonating with the general public and, specifically, with LGBTQ+ audiences.

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