Hake's AuctionWith 6 days of online bidding left to go in the latest Hake's Auction, there are some super classic finds up for bids. Here's a look at recent sales data for a few of our picks to help you bid bravely, should you be looking to add any of these books to your collection.


This Eastern Color book features a Frank Frazetta cover and has off-white to white pages. It's a classic Buck Rogers comic from the Gene Seger Buck Rogers Collection.

Published by Eastern Color on July 1, 1954, this grade remained stagnant for several years before seeing a massive jump in price in November of 2021.  The value code of this entry is listed as $10,000 to $20,000.

Past sales in an identical grade:
Nov 29, 2021: $19,200.00 (Heritage Auctions)
Mar 12, 2014: $1,550.00 (ComicConnect)
Given the massive shift in price (albeit after 7 years AND a huge shift in the market,) where could this copy land? I'd love to hear your predictions in the comments. Take a look at more data related to this book HERE.


This Aug 31, 1963, Marvel comic contains the origin and first appearance of the X-Men (Professor X, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl) and Magneto. It is a legend in the comic world, with a Stan Lee story and Jack Kirby cover and art. This copy has off-white to white pages.

This is one of those books that's a grail for many collectors no matter what grade it is. The value code for this copy is estimated at $5,000 to $10,000.

Most recent sales in this grade:
Feb 7, 2022: $10,995.00: (eBay)
Feb 1, 2022: $10,800.00 (Heritage Auctions)
Jan 11, 2022: 9,506.53 (eBay)

Check out sales in other grades, this book's current FMV, and other data by clicking HERE.Hake's Auction


This DC standard includes the first appearance of John Stewart and second appearance of Guy Gardner (cameo). It's also the first Elliot S. Maggin story. Denny O'Neil and Elliot S. Maggin stories. Neal Adams created the cover and art with additional art by Dick Giordano.  This copy has cream to off-white pages.

CGC 7.0s make up 98 of the 1,323 Blue Labels in the census and sit in the top 69.9% of all grades. It currently has a 90-day sales average of $609 and 1-year of $700.

This copy has an estimated value code of $400 to $700. To see past sales and other information, click HERE. Hake's Auction


This key Silver Age Fantastic Four comic contains the first Silver Age appearance of Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie). Mister Fantastic pin-up. The Stan Lee story and Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky cover and art definitely make it one worth keeping an eye on. This copy has white pages.

This Feb 8, 1962 book has come a long way from its original cover price of 12 cents. Auctions in this grade have landed all over this place.

Recent sales:
Jan 6, 2022: 4,560.00 (Heritage Auctions)
Dec 16, 2021: 3,809.95 (ComicConnect)
Aug 29, 2021: 4,800.01 (eBay)
Aug 8, 2021: 6,160.00 (eBay)

To see plenty more past sales data, click HERE.

Hake's AuctionKID KOMICS #8 CGC 5.0 VG/FINE

Published on July 10th, 1945 by Timely Comics, this Golden Age goody features an Alex Schomburg cover and Vince Alascia, Syd Shores, Al Gabriele, and Al Bellman art.
This copy has off-white to white pages. It's a great Golden Age cover featuring the Young Allies (including Bucky and Toro).
This is one of only 21 Blue Label CGCs in the census and the sole 5.0 listed. There is no sales data listed for this book, so its final gavel drop is anyone's guess.
We can look at the most recent sales in neighboring grades, with a 5.5 selling for $650 in March of last year (eBay) and a 4.5 selling all the way back in 2018 for $360.
Where do you think this one will land? For more data, check this book out HERE.Hake's Auction


It's another Marvel gem, gang. This is the first Silver Age appearance of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and  Bucky and also includes a Sub-Mariner appearance. Stan Lee story. Jack Kirby and George Roussos cover and art. This copy has off-white to white pages.

In a CGC Blue Label 3.0, this comic has a 30-day average of $1,750, 90-day of $1,685, and 1-year of $1,642. Its most recent sale was for $1,750 on March 5, 2022, through eBay. This auction has assigned it an estimated value of $1,000 to $2,000.
Take a look at more detailed sales data for all grades HERE.
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