Every few weeks, we point out a few key Modern-Era comics that are moving up or down the sales charts. This week, it is hard to look at any sales data and not notice how Thor #1 ranks as the top mover, not just for Modern books; it also cracked the top ten list of overall top moving books tracked by GoCollect. There has never been a time when amazing artwork, storytelling, and investment potential have come together as they do month after month in the current era.  We are reading and collecting in an amazing time.

Thor #1

There has been a lot of coverage of the spike in interest in Jane Foster becoming Thor and this week it is the #1 to Modern Mover.

My excellent co-bloggers here at GoCollect have done deep dives into the Thor key books.

The huge pop in value makes sense with all the buzz about Jane Foster as Thor coming to the MCU.

It is a great book with great cover artwork.  It clearly has appeal to collectors and speculators alike.

Point One #1 - Huge Debut at the #7 Ranking

The buzz continues that Disney still has a Nova project coming to the MCU.  Not everyone is willing to invest in Nova - Sam Alexander - at this point, but the ranking of this book argues otherwise.

Jumping into the sale charts for the first time at the #7 spot means there are a lot of buyers who still want this first appearance of Sam Alexander.

As a bonus, this book also has Dr. Strange appearing in a new costume, similar to what is in the trailer for the Multiverse of Madness.

This train just seems to be picking up speed, and like all investments on the rise, it is hard to decide when it is too late to get in and when the asset is overvalued.

It is also worth mentioning that the total market demand is even higher if including the #15 ranking of the Variant edition of this book (also new to the top sales list this week).

This book has a fantastic full front and back cover art spread and in a 9.8 grade, is showing a GoCollect FMV of almost $300.

Ms. Marvel Keys Still in Demand

All-New Marvel Now!: Point One #1 moves up 12 places to crack the top twenty and land at the #18 position.  This Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) first appearance is the top key to have if you are a believer in the hype.

As several fans debated in the last episode of Modern Movers, not everyone is excited about this storyline or character.  Ultimate Fallout #4 is still the #2 and #3 ranked top Modern Movers, which wouldn't be possible on just hype. But the fact is that the character and storyline have been brilliantly done.

Ms. Marvel is still unproven and diversity alone will not make this book a 'must-have' for collectors. However, if done right, this is a franchise that could have long legs and vast appeal.

Hello, Doctor Aphra

I have to admit that Doctor Aphra has not been on my radar, nor has her first appearance in Darth Vader #3.  This book has been holding in the top ten of Modern Movers and this week moves into the #7 ranked top-selling Modern book.  Better late than never; it is clear that this is something worth chasing.

The whole sub-genre of Star Wars comics can be a bit overwhelming, like returning to the world of X-Men books after taking several decades off of them.  The more we learn about Doctor Aphra, the more intriguing of a character she becomes.

Her creator, Kieron Gillen, describes her as "an inverse Indiana Jones" at one point in her story arc.  This daring treasure hunter, who starts out in the service of Vader but quickly expands her range and influence in the Star Wars pantheon, appears to possibly intersect with many key characters.

This just fuels the potential of future stories and movies.  The cookie crumbs left for fans in Disney's Book of Boba Fett series are more than enough to bring this book into sharp collector focus.

Of all the Modern Movers this episode, Darth Vader #3 seems to be the one with the best potential with this speculative new character having the most proven track record, but the most speculative cinematic future.

Which of these characters do you think will bring the best return:  Jane Foster, Kamala Khan, Sam Alexander, or Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra?

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect advice on behalf of GoCollect.