This week, Heritage is holding a signature video games auction -- meaning there will be gold in this auction! Featuring graded video games from all eras, rare items, and NFTs, there's something for everyone here. This week, we have some true gems, including rare and one-of-a-kind items you won't find too often.

Beetlejuice WATA 9.6

The ghost with the most made his theatrical debut in 1988, immediately winning audiences worldwide. The movie was the 10th-highest grossing film of 1988 and even won an Academy Award for best makeup. With worldwide popularity, a video game only made sense. In 1991 LJN released their version of Beetlejuice for the Nintendo Entertainment System -- a good three years after the movie, but right when the children's cartoon series was coming to an end. This certainly wasn't the first Beetlejuice video game, but many consider it to be one of the worst.

This WATA graded 9.6 comes from the Indiana Collection, and this copy is also the highest WATA graded Beetlejuice. Previously, a WATA 9.2 sold for $288 in February of 2019.

The Legend of Zelda Test Cartridge WATA 6.5

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic video games of all time. Zelda has had a video game released for every Nintendo platform, and the characters Link and Zelda have appeared in other Nintendo games as well! The Legend of Zelda is the first installment of the franchise, and this test cartridge is a true collector's piece.

While most cartridges sold for the public were grey or gold, this yellow version was for Nintendo service centers only! These games were used to test systems and were never intended to be sold to the general public. Of course, a few made it into the hands of fans, and now we have a WATA graded 6.5!

While there is no price point for something this rare, my guess is that this game will break the $5,500 mark. This is a rare piece of Nintendo history, and will no doubt be the centerpiece for any collection.

Night Trap Game Development Binder

This bizarre 1992 Sega CD Full Motion Video title is one of those games players and collectors know. Maybe you don't know it as well as Super Mario Brothers, but this game lives on in video game history as one of the games used in the 1993 United States Senate hearing on the matter of video game violence led by Senators Joe Lieberman and Herb Kohl. Night Trap, alongside Mortal Kombat, were touted as two games that had "over-the-top violence" and were ruining the youth of America. It should be noted that Lieberman had never played Night Trap.

While copies of Night Trap are somewhat easy to find, this is a rare piece of video game development. This game development binder was put together by game designer Jim Riley and has a plethora of original notes, documents, photos, and more. If you were wondering how Night Trap was developed, this is the perfect item for you. This is also just a great piece of video game history and would be perfect for any collector or investor!

PlayStation One Gold 2013 E3 Promo Console

2013's E3 was a big deal that year. So much so that Sony sent out these gold PS One "consoles" to VIPs ahead of the show, in an effort to hype up their newest console. Unlike the real consoles, this promotional item could not play video games. It does make the infamous startup sound, and it does come with invitations in the shape of discs. This is a unique piece and would be great for any collection, though as an investment piece, you may want to look elsewhere.

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